Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forces From Morrisville battle

Here are some Pictures of the various forces from the Apocalypse game I played in on 24January09 Matt P's PleasureLord Titan, Slaanesh's Lash
Biggest and smallest. The Biggest model on the table next to the smallest model on the table. Matt's Warlord titan next to Steve's rogue trader Stuntie(the brown spot next to the Warlords toe)
Matt P's Chaos War hound Titan
Mike T's Plaguemarines ans Chaos Daemons
ChuckarooBob's Titanium Duke walks again
ChuckarooBob's Strontium Dog shows off his banners
Strontium Dog takes Cover
Jerry W's Black Templar Termies and super heavies
Two of Roberts 3 reaver Titans
Matt P's phantom and Warlock titans. One memorable moment for me was when the Warlock Titan mindwared Typhus and did 4 wounds. I saved one and Typhus managed to live on and survive the game.
The Silver Skulls force
I am unsure of the marine chapter but a well painted army.
Steve's IG/Space Marine force.

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