Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2008 Hobby Summary

Another year down, time to tally up.

My pledge to paint 1000 figures fell way short at 340 finished models for the year.

Finished Projects
15mm Soviet Strekovy batalion
15mm Soviet Tankovy batalion

I finished them both but then bought more models to be used with both.

Unfinished projects
40 Imperial Guard Delaque Heavy Weapon Platoon
40k Servitors
40k Imperial Guard Praetorians
40k Blood Angels
Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts
Warhammer Fantasy Beasts of Chaos
Pulp ilsa's She wolves
Pulp Kung Fu School Girls
28mm Moderns
Pulp warlord Chinese
WWII 28mm Japanese
WWII 28mm Italian Paratroopers

Projects for other people
Glenn W's Tyranids
Steve J's Highlanders
Tuna's Chaos Marines/Daemons

My current active project
40k Plaguemarines

Proposed projects for 2009
Add to my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard when the new Imperial Guard codex comes out in May.

buy one of the new shadow sword plastic super heavy tanks



poptarticus said...

It was good seeing you at UGG in Jan. I told Charles that I need more Prospector Bob posts.

I enjoy the Blog, Keep on posting.

ColKillgore said...

I have some pictures and a report from a 45 adventure game, tangent to prospector Bob, that we played last month but I haven't had time to post them up. I will try and get them up over the weekend. thanks for looking.