Friday, January 30, 2009

Kashgar Jailbreak

Twilight in Kashgar, but as the sun goes down, all is not well. Two groups of dangerous criminals sneak into the city to carry out their nefarious plans. Alert, the Border guards hold their prisoner the bandit executioner Tran-Do. They have checked their bus and plan to transport him to the District Headquarters in the morning.As Criminal mastermind Teodor and his band of miscreants advance toward the Customs House. Fashoud and a group of bandits advance toward the Blockhouse intent to free Tran-Do from the Border guards.
Teodor and the Turks prepare to attack the Customs official. Little do they know that this isn't an ordinary Custom House.
Two Bandits watch as Teodor and his minions attack the Customs officials but stay silent, giving no warning to the Custom Official of his impending doom. His strength regained, Tran-Do manages to break down his cell door and attack Degras'e. Tran-do makes a break out of the back of the blockhouse after being shot by another border guard.
The Bandits make a frontal assault on the block house, not knowing Tran-Do is free and on the run.Montu charges the Custom house guard and to his surprise finds that the guard is made of much sterner stuff than the average rent a cop. they proceed to duel back and fort with neither gaining an advantage.
The frontal attack falters as a Border Guard shotguns down one of the bandits. More afraid of Fashoud than the Border guards or dying the Bandits stay and take potshots to pin down the guards while Tran-Do makes his run.A Turk rushes to help Montu put down the Custom House Guard but to no avail. The Guard proclaims"You will never have my cousin's money!"
Although injured, Tran-Do leaps the wall and sprints for the brush. Degras'e still in pursuit and wanting some payback.
Outnumbered and overpowered the Custom House guard goes down. As Teodor fires on the bandits his men take the custom house strong box and withdraw from the city.
Tran-Do flees, swearing vengeance for the ignominy of fleeing a fight. While Degras'e peppers the brush with pistol fire and another Border guard rakes the bushes with a tommygun.

Wounded again, Tran-Do flees into the hills. Fired on by the retreating bandits, Degras'e stops pursuing Tran-Do but vows his own vengeance for past injuries.

Fashoud drops the tommygunner Border guard as a warning to the other guards not to follow.
This is a summary of a .45 Adventure game we played on New Years Eve.


Chuckaroobob said...

Tran-Do must go down, and he must go down hard!

ColKillgore said...

First you have to catch him again. Tran-do is a hardcore villian but he has the recurring villian trait of knowing when to flee like a jackrabbit and be able to get your venegence later.