Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mid Battle

the Battle rages
the pleasure Lord Attacked by Deepstriking terminators
chaos Warhound Destroyed

Chaos Reaver Defending Fortress attacked by deepstriking terminators
Phantoms at the walls

the Thunderhawk makes another bombing run
Warhounds Stalk the ruins

Plague Tower Destroyed

Plague Marines Assaulted
Mortarion joins Fulgrim Near A doomed Reaver titan
plaguemarines hold the wall

nurgle terminators light up a Seer Council
more nurgle terminators arrive

typhus hunts a warlock titan

More plaguebearers arrive to feed the meat grinder
Nurgle terminator deepstrike near objective in imperial rear area
Imperials deep strike inside the fortress

Imperial terminators deep strike inside the walls
plague marines barely hold the breach
Plaguebearers arrive and charge the imperial terminators

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