Monday, July 30, 2012

World Eater Apocalypse Army

I have been working on my  World eaters Apocalypse force for the upcoming First War for Armageddon apocalypse game planned by the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group in September. I am still up in the air about going to the game because of work scheduling shenanigans  but I am going to get the army ready so I will be ready in case I can get someone to cover for me. Right now the list I am planning to take is sitting at 10238 points. Of which 3489 points of the total is a full strength Traitor Shadow sword Domination force I will post up when I get some picture of it.

 Here is most of  the World Eaters part of the apocalypse army. First off none of the Khorne Daemons are included in the army points. They are going to the game for other people to play. Missing from the table but included in the list is a chaos land raider and nine chaos spawns. The Center of the force is a Maelstrom of gore Formation Lead by Kharn the Betrayer. The formation consists of eight rhino mounted squads of eight Khorne Berserkers.  All eight squads are lead by a skull champion with four having power axes and four having power fists. Every squad also has an Icon and two plasma pistols.

 Here is the work in progress Kharn. He was rather poorly painted so I stripped his paint and have restarted.  The khorne banner is a real blast from the past. Around 91ish my army buddy S.R. Becker drew the khorne symbol on an MRE package and later burned the edges to make a flag for the homemade banner pole. He gave it to me when he left the army and went back to Califas. it has been in my chaos box for twenty one years An I plan to rebase it to go with my World Eaters in the First War for Armageddon.

 My squad of Khorne Berserker Terminators. I converted them up back in 3rd edition 40k when Chaos Terminators could be upgraded to cult troops. The conversion is mostly Khorne berserker heads added to the terminators and a world eater symbol painted on their shoulder pad.

 The Daemon section and the Forge world World Eater Chaos Dreadnought. the Dreadnought is still a work in progress but I am looking forward to seeing it on the table. The Daemons are for other people to use in the game. I have a few more flesh hounds and about sixteen or so more bloodletters that need to be assembled and painted. If I get then finished it will give me eleven flesh hounds and fifty bloodletters to loan out or just add to my force., I have a sixth daemon prince not in the picture that I remembered as I was putting things back up.

 Another blast from the past a rogue trader era Blood thirster. I put him on a 50x50mm base and planned to field him as "the Little Blood Thirster that could" but will probably only field him as a Khorne Daemon prince.

 The two twenty man Berserker Squads or "Forty skulls for Khorne". I thought about adding them to the Maelstorm of Gore but the deployment requirement of  within 12 inches of Kharn would be problematic at best. So they will escort the World Eater Lords of Armageddon across the table on game day. The majority of these were part of the last batch of Khorne models I picked up a while back.

 Last is the Line breaker squadron minus the dedicated Death Guard vindicator. I always like fielding a Line Breaker in apocalypse game their ability to destroy terrain pieces can really open up the table. In front of the Line Breakers are the World Eater Lords of  Armageddon. Four Khorne Chaos Lords on Juggernauts and three Khorne chaos lords on foot. So far I have converted two of the Juggernaut Lords to have unique Daemon weapons and my original plan for the other two was one with  paired lightning claws and the other with a power fist but I might just leave them as they are and call their axes daemon weapons. Two of the Khorne lords on foot are left over skull champions, while the last model is my Bloodletter headed World Eater standard bearer from the conversion contest at the Silas Creek Crossing Games Workshop store opening, I plan to filed all three armed with daemon weapons. they will probably join a squad each in the Maelstrom of Gore Formation.

I still have a bunch of to do but 95% of it is already assembled and base coated so I think I will be able to get them to three colors by game day. It is a lot of work for a game I might not even make it to but I am looking forward to the fun anyway.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

ChuckarooBob is Famous From Historicon!!

It seems that our ChuckarooBob has drawn more attention at Historicon this year and is now more Famous than before.

Read It Here,  It seems that the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star found his personal charisma irresistible and quoted him extensively in their coverage of Historicon 2012.


Sisters of Battle and Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Chaos

I played my second game of 6th ed 40k at Gaming Underground.The 40k League is in a one month hiatus while every one gets used to the 6th edition rules. I took a 1000 point Sister of battle army with Imperial guard allies. With the 6th edition changes I went for a new plan. My List for the game was
Saint Celestine
A Battle Sister squad with two melta guns
A Battle Sister squad with two flamers
A seraphim squad with two Infernus pistol armed sisters
An Exorcist tank
A Primaris Psyker
An infantry platoon
 Command squad
     Commander with a bolter, two flamers and two meltaguns
      2 Infantry squads with a sgt with power axe and bolt pistol and a squad plasma gun
I was playing against Will L and his Chaos Space marines which consisted of
A Nurgle winged Daemon Prince
A Plague Marine squad
A Thousand sons squad with a sorcerer and a rhino
two obliterators
A vindicator tank
and a Bastion with a quad-cannon

We rolled for mission and received Crusade with a max five objectives, then Hammer and Anvil Deployment, so we would deploy from the short sides. I rolled for warlord traits and received the one that make the warlord a scoring model. I also rolled for the Primaris to have two random powers.I rolled both from the Biomancy getting Enfeeble and Life Leech.

We rolled for table edges and then divided up the table and rolled for terrain. As we started placing terrain I could tell how you could use terrain to give yourself an advantage.

Will dropped his Bastion first and then we started placing terrain.

Will Deployed first, The Obliterators in the top of the eldar tower, the thousand sons in their rhino on one side of the bastion, the Plague Marine squad crewing the quad cannon, the Daemon Prince behind the Rhino and the Vindicator.
My deployment I set the Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard Platoon and the Primaris on an objective on one side of the table,
Then on the other side I placed the two Battle Sister squads and the Exorcist with an angle on the Bastion and the Quad Gun. I held Celestine and the Seraphim squad in reserve to try and go for a decisive drop later in the game. With five objective they were scattered around the table really well and would make an interesting game later. Will rolled for first turn and I failed to seize the Initiative, Will Moved up and lit up the sisters. killing several from the meltagun squad and taking a hull point from the Exorcist.
In my turn I moved up the battered Melta gun Sister squad out of cover to make a run for the Vindicator.
The Exorcist moved to get a better shot and only managed to put one wound on the quad gun. I really wanted to try and destroy the Quad gun before The Saint dropped in and was shot up.
The Adeptus Mechanicus platoon moved up into the ruins to try and get a shot at the Nurgle Daemon Prince.
Will moved up the Thousand Sons and deployed them from their rhino. they Then lit up the survivors of the Sisters of battle meltagun squad.
He managed seven wounds and I failed all seven cover saves. This gave Will the First Blood victory point.
I dropped Saint Celestine and the Seraphim squad danger close and didn't deviate. I lost one model to the quad gun but their Infernus pistols put three wounds on the Daemon Prince.
On Wills Turn he moved the Plague Marines out of the bastion, turned the Daemon Prince and the Thousand sons leaving Saint Celestine and the Seraphim in a crossfire.
The daemon Prince used spontaneous combustion on one sister that exploded but didn't kill one of the others.
The Plague Marines and Thousand sons lit up the squad and I put all the wounds on to the Saint I passed all but three save taking two wounds on the Saint and passing one on to a Seraphim that killed her.
The Daemon Prince charged in and after a bit of confusion about challenges He killed the Saint with his Hammer of Wrath attack. The Surviving Seraphim failed their leadership and the Daemon prince ran them down.

The Daemon prince moved on, while the plague marines moved up to get closer to the objective, then the Saint stood back up with full wounds returned. This also took back the Kill the Warlord victory point from Will. I moved the Adeptus Mechanicus into the building and tried shooting down the Daemon Prince but ended up finishing it off with the Exorcist giving me the Kill the Warlord victory point

The Primaris finally came into action and managed to enfeeble the Plague Marines, giving the Saint a chance to knock a couple Plague marines down.
The Adeptus Mechanicus races to Saint Celestine's rescue. The Saint fights the Plague marine for several turns. the Sorcerer from the Thousand sons squad makes the plague marines invisible  but then takes a Perils of the warp hit and dies.

The Saint takes another wound but keeps in the fight while the Adeptus Mechanicus Guard take the objective behind the combat.

End game. Because of the late game Night fight and some bad scatters the Sister squad in front of the Vindicator managed to survive the game on their objective. I had whittled the thousand sons down to three models but was unable to shoot the last Obliterator because it was more than 36 inches away from the Exorcist. I ended up with three objectives to will one and won the game. It was a good game especially for it only being my second game using the 6th edition rules.

I am still undecided about my 1000 point league list when we star back up but I will definitely have some guard allies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Games Workshop Silas Creek Crossing Grand Opening

21 July 2012 finally arrived and a new Games Workshop store has opened in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It opened in the Silas Creek Crossing shopping center across the road from Hanes Mall shopping center.

 I was late showing so I ended up at the back of the line and wasn't able to get any of the freebie items. The place was packed and they were doing a brisk business. The one downfall was by the time I went to buy a deck of the new psychic cards, they were already sold out. They had apparently sold out of the card decks ten minutes after opening.

 I brought an army to play in the scenario challenge but the tables were full so I set down and stared converting up a Chaos Icon Bearer for my World Eater Chaos Space marines. I spent about two and a half hours working on the figure and really liked how it came out.

They also had a painting contest running, unfortunately for me it had brought out some real artists. I consider myself a good painter but after seeing some of the freehand these guys were doing I decided to try and get in a game.

The 500 point list I took was
 a Primaris Psyker
one Vet squad with two plasma guns, a flamer a missile launcher and a vet sgt with a power axe and a bolt pistol
a second vet squad with two plasma gun, a heavy flamer, a missile launcher and a vet sgt with a power axe and a boltpistol
a three model Ratling sniper squad
a scout sentinel with an auto cannon
and last a Hydra Flak tank
I went for style and wanted to have a fast attack and a Heavy choice in case we rolled the mission that made them scoring.
 All the competitions ended at four pm so I had to rush to try and get a game in under the wire. I finally managed to get one stared against a Ultramarine player using Blood Angel rules for his army. We were playing on a two foot by three foot table so the set up was tight. i placed the Ratlings, the hydra and the heavy flamer vet squad with the Primaris on the table. I outflanked one vet squad and the scout sentinel.

 My opponent had
A librarian
A scout squad with sniper rifles and a missile launcher
A tactical squad with a razorback that had a twin linked plasma gun/ lascannon turret

He infiltrated the scouts in the woods to the left and combat squaded the tactical squad. The Librarian and five marines were in the razorback while the other five moved up behind the building. We rolled the relic objective so both of us raced forward to try and grab the relic and make a run for the board edge.

 I had the vet squad gunned down with the Primaris taking a wound but he decided to go down fighting. He fired off his lightning arc power and downed a couple marines, then the Hydra and Ratlings dropped a couple more. The marines boloed their leadership and ran. That left the Librarian and another marine hiding in the razorback.

The other vet squad outflanked behind the scout squad in the woods and managed to drop all the scouts. I made a run for his deployment zone and then we had to call the game because of the time limit. We tallied up using the competition's rule sheet and the game ended as a draw. If I could have had the last two turns I think I could have won the game. It was my first game of 6th edition and I had a good time.

I seemed to be a good time all around and I met some old gaming buddies I hadn't seen in a while and made a few new ones. The best thing is that there is a Games Workshop store within a thirty minute drive of the house now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus Army on Parade

After finishing painting the Third platoon for my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army I had to reorganize my display cabinet to get them in. So I took the opportunity to set the army out for a parade. I started collecting Adeptus Mechanicus models before I thought about building an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Then along came tim Huckleberry and his Adeptus Mechanicus codex. I read up on the codex and wanted to build an army using it but it was a work in progress and unit options were prone to changing, So I can up with the Styrene rod shoulder mount. This way i could glue what ever gun I wanted to the model and if the option changed I could easily remove it and replace it. Soon after this a new Imperial Guard codex came out and included regiment doctrines, one of which was cyber enhancement. So I could field the army as a regular Imperial Guard army and have some Adeptus Mechanicus flavor.

The Army on Parade. It consists of three infantry platoons, a heavy weapon platoon, an Imperial Robot Maniple, an Electro Priest squad, a scout sentinel squadron, and armored sentinel squadron, two imperial guard land speeders, an Enginseer section, and a Shadow sword super heavy. I also have a motor pool of other vehicle but they are boxed up at the moment.

 The Shadow Sword is from Forgeworld. I consider it the center piece of the army and still plan to add a bit more detail to it eventually.
 The Enginseer section. I really dig the Enginseer models and have collected up a bunch of servitors so I can field about any combination of them that I want.
 This is the Original Magos for my Adeptus Mechanicus army. He is an oop Space Marine that I gave a staff and a hand flamer. The Model behind him is an oop Tech priest but he makes a good enginseer too. I have some more of the oop Tech Priests and a set of the Skull tech priests but they are still waiting for the right mood to stirke before I paint them.

My two Imperial Guard land speeders. I hated it when the Guard lost their speeders. One is Complete and the other on the left I received in a trade with no weapons. I used an old ork heavy plasma gun for the plasma cannon and I think it looks close enough. I still field then but use them as an armored sentinel with a plasma cannon.

The two sentinel squadrons. The Scout sentinel squadron I finished recently. I magnetized the gun mount and have autocannons and multilasers for all three. The Armored sentinel squadron actually started as a catachan sentinel squadron I traded for and then bit ordered the parts to make then armored sentinels. I always like fielding then to see my opponent scramble to drop them before I get an angle on their armor.
The First Platoon. These are mostly from the latest batch I painted up. I went for a final skin highlight and they came out much lighter than the rest of the force. looking at the pictures it looks like I am going to have to go back and do another flesh highlight on the rest of the army. The two squads are armed with meltaguns and lead by a Tech adept. The Adepts are old Delaque hive gangers that I painted up to use as the no frills sergeant. The command squad has a flamer, heavy flamer, a medic, a platoon standard and a officer with a power fist and las pistol. The officer is an unconverted catachan officer but with the paint job he blends in well.

The Second platoon. You can really tell the difference in the flesh tones in this platoon. Comparing the command models and the rank and file I really need to go back and do another highlight. The two squads are lead by the newest built models the two sergeants with power axes and bolt pistols. Both squads have meltaguns. The command squad follows the pattern with a flamer, heavy flamer, medic, standard and officer with a power axe and a plasma pistol.
The Third Platoon. This is the support platoon. each squad has a tech adept, a grenade launcher and a autocannon. the command squad has three plasma guns, a medic and an officer with a power sword and a bolter. The medic is actually an old master vox conversion but will work as good as a medic in my opinion.

The Heavy weapon platoon. Another oldie but a Goldie, I finished painting this up just in time for the newest codex to come out, drop the heavy weapon platoon from the codex and make my heavy weapon platoon redundant. I can still use them as heavy weapon squads and as heavy weapon teams in the squads so no major loss. The command section has a flamer, a heavy stubber, a vet with laspistol and chain sword, a lasgunner and a officer with a bolter.
The model reserve and a special weapon squad. The squad has a heavy flamer, a melta gun and a flamer. In hindsight a special weapon squad can't take a heavy flamer so swap out the heavy for a regular flamer. I had three extra lasgunners so I put them with the special weapons. The other unassigned models are a delague techadept, two delaque heavies with conversion beamers, two models with plasma pistols, two models with bolters, a lasgunner, a flamer, an officer with a power fist and plasma pistol and another catachan officer with a power fist and a las pistol. I fielded the conversion beamers as lascannons before I collected up the bits to build all the delaque las cannons.

The Electro Priest squad, another option from Tim's Adeptus Mechanicus Codex. Basically a group of looneys that run around and shoot lightning from their hands. They carried no weapons and had electoos that channeled the energy. I painted the electoos on their back and down their arms which You can't see, oops.

The Imperial Robot Maniple, six of the seven robots are converted to use with Tim's codex. three have autocannons, three have plasma cannons and the last has a back mounted heavy bolter. I have the back packs and other heavy weapons for them but now I can field them as sentinels so I will leave them for the time being. The Techmarines are in training and the tech adept is a conversion from an old plastic space marine scout sergeant to have an auspex and an assault stubber.

Last is Colonel Elvo , his command squad with a medic, a heavy flamer, a flamer and the Regimental Standard. The standard is my latest attempt at freehand and looks good enough from three feet away. I am still working on the army and have a bunch of vehicle to back it up. If I can get someone to cover my on call at work I am planning to make the First War for Armageddon apocalypse battle in September and along with a bunch of Leman Russes and chimeras  the majority of these will compose my Traitor Shadow Sword Domination formation.


Monday, July 16, 2012

New Adeptus Mechanicus Platoon reporting

I finally finished up my third Platoon for my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard Army. Some of these have been in the painting Que since June 2009, when I was playing them in a league at the now defunct Castle.

 First are the three Command sections. The front one is the Company command and has a Regimental standard, medic, heavy flamer, flamer and officer with a power fist and plasma pistol, The second two are platoon command squads.They both have an officer with a power fist and a laspistol, standard, medic, flamer and heavy flamer. With 6th edition 40k here and the changes to the  feel no pain USR I am debating including the medics now. Since they are finally painted now I will probably field them till I get a better idea of how they will work. The first officer is a conversion using an old space marine power fist and the second two are catchan officers.

 The two Infantry squads have sergeants with power axes and bolt pistols and squad meltaguns. The two Sergeants are the newest editions to the army only being built a week ago. I wanted two sgts with power axes and boltpistols to field in my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army for the opening day 500 point challenge at the Silas Creek Crossing Games Workshop store. I would have normally just used one of the models I have already and did a weapon swap but i decided just to make two more and that lead me to finishing the rest of these models.

You never have too many meltaguns or heavy flamers in my book, so a few extras to spread around the the rest of the army.

The major achievement is cleaning out a box of figures that have been works in progress for over four years. The funny part is that I would paint on them some and then get sidetracked. Then come back build a few more and get them painted to the same level as the ones already started and get sidetracked. Now They are finished and with a little rearranging I finally put them in the display cabinet with the rest of the army.