Friday, July 6, 2012

Lord of the Ring Painted Figures

Games Workshop has seen fit to open a retail store at Silas Creek Crossing in Winston Salem North Carolina. The shop opens on 21July12 but they already have a face book page up and running here . The manager posted about his Lotr figures he is working on and made me think to go find mine in the Bowels of the storage of Doom. The Store is planning a 500 point scenario competition using all three of their main systems and I wanted to know just how many figures I had ready to go, it would seem not enough for 500 point armies. I think I painted up these figures to run one of the introductory scenarios in the Fellowship of the Ring game book.

First is the gondorain contingent. Four Spears eleven sword and shields and two Captains. The difference from the regular troops and the Captains is the Gold wings on their helms. I found a stat sheet in the box and they seem to total up to a bit over two hundred points, not enough for the contest. I have a handful more of Gondorian spearmen and a few Gondorian Bowmen but they are unbuilt and unpainted. I have a group of Riders of Rohan somewhere I could probably finish up by the opening. I also have maybe fifty or so of the plastic high elves, unpainted and also in a box somewhere.

Here is my Moria Goblin force, eleven with orc bows, twelve with spears, eleven with sword and shield, one captain with sword and shield and one captain with orc bow.  The stat sheet in the box with them puts them in a bit over two hundred points also but this is all the evil models I have.

If I can locate the Riders of Rohan I should have plenty of the forces of good to play but we will have to see if I can get them ready for the opening day.


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