Friday, July 13, 2012

Sisters of Battle Attack Space Marines again

After playing one game I went for a second on the last 40k League gameday. We are playing 750 points and I was matched up with Landon H and his Space Marines. I have already played Landon once in the 500 point round here . I would be the attacker and Landon chose the -1 move attacker/+1 move defender and the -1 leadership defender/ +1 leadership attacker advantages. The primary objective was obliteration and the secondary was three 25mm objectives. We deployed using spear head and I took the first turn.

My Deployment, I put the Exorcist in the rear again with as good a field of fire as I could get, the Battle sisters in cover near an objective, and Uriah and the Battle conclave in a Rhino following the empty rhino.
Landon's deployment, which is across two quarters and not according to the Spearhead deployment. I didn't catch this during the game and only noticed it when I started writing this report. His force was three attack bikes as separate elite choices, two tactical squads in rhinos and two proxy predators with autocannon and sponson heavy bolters.
My first turn I moved up the Rhinos and managed to snipe one of the Attack bikes with an Exorcist missile. then Landon's turn the two surviving attack bikes make an end run around the large building to get an angle on the Exorcist.
On my Turn I moved up the Battle Conclave Rhino and left the other Rhino parked as mobile cover blocking the Predators from shooting up the battle sister squad behind it. Landon moves the Attack bikes back ans fires up the conclave rhino but fails to destroy it. The Meltagunner fires from his rhino and also fails to destroy the rhino.
Uriah and the Conclave gets out of the Rhino moves toward the attack bikes and charge in.
They kill one attack bike and wound the other one but Uriah also takes a wound in return. Landon moves his Rhino past the Conclave/Attack bike combat towards the center objective.

My turn the Seraphim arrive and destroy the tactical squad rhino.
The Battle Conclave charges into the Tactical squad and wipes them out.
Landon moves up his tactical squad rhino and destroys Uriah's rhino with a meltagun shot from the passengers. The Explosion from the rhino kills one of the crusaders. This picture also shows the rolling cover rhino. It is immobilized and has a weapon destroyed but is still alive. Landon fired everything his Predators had at the rolling cover rhino for four turns and failed to destroy it. To make it worse, after the game was over I remembered that I forgot to make invulnerable saves for all the hits because of the Sisters of Battle vehicle rules. To continue, on my turn I jumped the Seraphim over the ruins and used their Inferno pistols to destroy the tactical squad rhino.
The destroyed rhino leaves the Seraphim in a crossfire. The Tactical squad lights them up along with the two proxy predators, and wipe out the Seraphim squad.

At the end of turn five we roll and the game ends. The rolling cover rhino lives! Neither of us are obliterated and we both have an objective so the game becomes a Draw.

With the rule changes in Sixth edition the rolling cover rhino taking a half dozen plus glances is over but I would like to think I would have made an invulnerable save or two and kept it on the board.  I think if we would have played another turn the Exorcist may have had a chance to finish off the Tactical squad and may have given me a minor win but we will never know.

I enjoyed the game but I think Landon was frustrated with some of his rolling. He even went and switched out his dice for his better rolling ones but the game still ended in a draw. This was a much better game than our 500 point game but the major problem with that game was the league difficult terrain advantage that has now been toned down a great deal.


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