Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sisters of Battle Attack Space Marines

I played my fifth 500 point League game against Landon H's Space Marines at Gaming Underground in High Point North Carolina.

The Sisters of Battle Main force formed up and ready.

The Retributors emplaced in the woods at the base of  an alien tower. I was attacking so Landon chose the difficult terrain for attackers and the -1 movement for attackers and +1 move for defenders. So The entire table was difficult terrain for me and after rolling to move for difficult terrain I had to minus an inch from it.
The Space marines arrayed against the Sisters.

The Retributors destroy a razorback but the marines run up to get in the other one.
After the Marine dexvastator squad ans attack bikes gunned down most of the Sisters, the Repentia managed to close with the tactical squad and put a little pain on them.
The Confessor chases after the Repentia as the Attack bikes range in on the Retributors.
After taking too many hits the Retributors bolt for the board edge,

The Repentia made the Marines pay but the Confessor is caught in a cross fire after failing to roll high enough to get into combat.
Another loss for the sisters. The League has gone to 750 points now and has rewritten the one inch movement rule. I have a brand new list and plan to get some games in soon.



sonsoftaurus said...

After discussion in-store Sunday, the movement mod rules have actually changed by general acclaim to leave the +1/-1 one alone, but take out the "everything is difficult" part of the other one (difficult still goes to dangerous, dangerous to impassible, but no more rolling in the open).

ColKillgore said...

I went to play a game today found out about the changes. Unfortunately I had redone my list to offset the every thing is difficult terrain rule and it left me at a disadvantage. We also had a question with claiming table quarters, the league rule says any unit claims a quarter but apparently the unwritten rule is only a troop choice can claim a quarter. The book say troops claim objectives but has nothing about table quarters. With Sixth dropping next week all the league rules willl have to be revamped anyway.