Monday, June 25, 2012

Sisters of Battle Seraphim Conversions

The 40k escalation league I have been playing in has gone up 250 points to 750. My 500 point list had every model on foot so I decided to add a little mobility by basing up a Seraphim squad.

 I have several of the Seraphim with hand flamers but with the proliferation of power armor troops in the League I decoded that I needed some better ap weapons. Years ago, in the fabled times of the GW bits service, I ordered several of the Canoness arm sprues with the Inferno pistols to convert a couple Seraphim into Inferno pistol armed models. I had more hand flamer armed models so I cut off the hand flamers and replaced them with the Inferno pistols.

 Here are the pair of Inferno pistol armed Seraphim conversions. I am debating on converting a couple more Seraphim to have Inferno pistols but will have to use plastic Inferno pistols for that conversion.
A group picture of the Seraphim squad before flocking and priming.


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