Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Army Group North Semovente M40/75-18

After reading about Tim working on some WWII Italians here , I went looking for my Army Group North Italian Semovente M40/75-18 I painted up years ago.

 It is a resin and metal kit that went together very well. I went with a basic khaki paint scheme to be able to use it in games anywhere the Italians fought.

 I mostly game WWII using the Disposable Heroes game system from Iron Ivan games. I picked up their Italian supplement called Mare Nostrum. the vehicle entry for the semovente allows it to have a pintle Breda heavy machine gun. The kit doesn't have one so I scratch built one from wire, greenstuff and plastic card.

 A good look at the business end of the Semovente M40/75-18

I have my Italian paratroopers put up so I used a Mack Torrey model from the Reaper Chronoscope range to show the scale of the vehicle to a heroic 28mm figure.

I just have to get some of those Italian Paratroopers painted.


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Chuckaroobob said...

It's just Sooooo freakin' cool!