Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sisters of Battle Face the Dark Eldar

I made it out to Gaming Underground for a couple 40k league games. After determining Attackers and Defenders I was matched up defending against Jim B's Dark Eldar. I believe Jim is currently winning the leagu with a string of Major victories so far.

 As the defender I chose the hostile terrain and the natural predator advantages. The hostile terrian made the entire table difficult terrain for the attacker and the natural predators subjected the attacker to an attack if they move within three inches of wooded terrain. We rolled Assassins and three 25mm objectives for the game and Dawn of war for the deployment. I started my Confessor and Battle sister squad forward and in cover, while jim flew his force onto the table turn one. His shooting decimated the Sisters of Battle squad before the rest of my force onto the table.

 Jims raider and ravager both ended up immobilized due to failed difficult terrain rolls, so the wych squad and Haemoculus dismounted and headed toward the Confessor and Battle Sister squad.

 The Haemoculus and Wyches charge into the Confessor and Battle Sister squad. Wyches go first and wipeout the Battle Sisters then the Haemoculus swings and only puts one more wound on the Confessor.The confessor swings back with his Eviscerator at the Haemoculus and hits and wounds with all three attacks, killing the Haemoculus.

The confessor loses the combat but makes his leadership test to stay in combat.

 My turn the Repentia charge into the Wyches.

 They kill several wyches and win the combat. Fearless wounds only leave one wych standing.
 Next turn Jim dismounts his Grotesques and they charge into the combat. The Confessor and all but one Repentia fall, the last repentia stands her ground.

Last turn the Wyches and Grotesques puit the final Repentia down before she can swing.

I only had a single Retributor left so we called the game. I did earn a sort of distinction by drawing the Assassin objective so Jim only recieved a Minor Victory. I breaks his perfect run of major victories and I have scored better than anyone else in the league against him so far.


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