Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apocalypse in Winston-Salem GW Store

Hi Kids,  Well its been awhile since I posted anything, mostly because there hasn't been time for me to do anything notable.  The other side of that coin is that I'm working 50-60 hours a week making the righteous green!  I heard a rumor that there was a 40K Apocalypse game going on at the local GW Store and figured I'd go and check it out.  Well whattaya know, there they were, about 10 guys playing a 18,000 point game.  There were even some Forge World items out there.  It's been about 5 years since I played any GW, so I have no idea what some of this stuff might be, but here is the proof gaming is not quite dead in W-S!

Some enterprising individual set up a ladder just to take pictures!  No, it wasn't me...  The Imperial side is on the upper left, some elements are attacking across the bottom of the shot.  All sorts of superbeasties are spread out in the ruins.  The table was either 6x6 or 8x8.

 The Air Force was there, helping out the Imperial Fists.
 Only one Knight on the board.  Kinda shocking, maybe they're not as popular as I thought. 
 Forge World stuff!

 Kitbashed StormRaven!  I think...  Storm Talon?  Ah well, I used to know stuff...

 Now that's a neat looking dropship!  I wonder if that's one of the ones with the Stretch kit from that other manufacturer?
 Need more speed?  Get more engines!
 Ah yes, more Forge World Goodness!  And one of my favs, the Tau Riptide!  If I still was playing Tau I'd have to have a fistful of those!

More Forge World Big Buck Tanks!

 When you've got an extra 1/35th M47, why not make it into something spiffy!!
 These guys weren't on the table, I think they were already dead.  But maybe they were just extra.
 A close up of the solitary Knight.

 SPG's a-go-go!  More firepower, more better!
 Now that's a mean looking beastie.  Smaug better pack his bags and get to hoofing!
 Another from the deadpile.
 Bet you don't see these guys everyday!
 There were some really great paintjobs out there today!
 Tau skimmers!  I must confess, I bought Void skimmers to proxy these things.  I just liked them better, and only $12 each.  Maybe one day I'll paint them up.
 A close up of the StormRavenTalon kitbashed flyer.  Looking good! Purge the unclean!!
 When I saw this thing I thought I'd buy one right away!  Unfortunately the store was sold out of Thunderflash cannon.  Bummer!  And then they told me it was Finecast!  Double bummer!  I still might end up buying one at some point.  You never know, maybe its the one Finecast object that isn't malformed.
 Who is that guy with the skeletal wings?
 When I saw this thing I knew I had to snap a picture.  BUT, before you get too excited, its actually two vehicles, the StuG looking thing is actually a grav tank, not a turret on the back of the Brit WW1 tank.  You gotta admit, it would've been cool!
 Assault guns!
 Tyranid something or others...
 Monster bugs!
 Airborne monster bugs!
And last but not least, a mole vehicle, probably from Forge World.  Bet that'll leave a mark!

And that's about it for this installment of the events of Winston-Salem.  Not quite the Black Hole of Gaming that we thought!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ready for primer, Flesh Tearers Scout Sniper squad

The 40k league has started but health issues have put my model building behind schedule. I had a good day and managed to get this Scout sniper squad cleaned up, reassembled and the bases flocked. I just need a warmer day to get them primed.

I received the squad second hand and missing a couple parts. I ended up rebuilding the missile launcher and the kneeling sniper to match up their bits. The sergeant model was missing a hand and a telescope so I added a chain sword hand and an old style space marine telescope to the rifle. I plan to have two scout sniper squads in 1500 point army, now I just need to get this one painted.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Finished assembling Flesh Tearers Scout Biker squads

I plan to filed two Space Marine Scout Biker squads in my 40k League Flesh Tearers army and finally managed to get them built.

I used the newer scout biker bits to add Astartes Grenade launchers to three bikes in each squad. The grenade launcher bits went onto the old style bikes surprisingly well. I originally planned to put them on the old style 40mm cavalry bases but I scrounged enough new longer bases for both squads.

Scout bikers assembled. My current plan is to equip both squads the same, with a vet sergeant with a Combi-grav gun, three Astartes Grenade launchers and cluster mines. The mines will let me booby trap a couple terrain pieces and then send the scout bikers to harass the enemy back field.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wip Flesh Tearers Scout Biker squads

I plan to add two squads of Space Marine Scout Bikers to my Flesh Tearers army to use in the current 40k league. I have a bunch of the old style metal scout bikers and have picked up some bits to round out the squads.

The first model finished a, A Scout Biker veteran Sergeant. I plan to have a vet sgt leading each squad and armed with a combi-grav gun. I used the drum magazine bolter bit from the original squad. it has a big targeter that once painted will mark it out as the combi weapon.

I bit purchased six sets of astartes grenade launchers to out fit both squads with the max amount. The grenade launcher cowlings took a little modification but fit surprisingly well.

The assembly line of scout bikers waiting for arms. I had previously used many of the scout shotgun arm bits to build a Elysian drop troop veteran squad back in the day. One of the problems of raiding a kit for bits to finish another project. I started raiding the bits boxes to come up with some replacement arms.

After a short search I came up with some bolt pistol arms I had cut from the old Space crusade scouts.

I cut these off of the space crusade scout sergeants to make them into a missile launcher armed scouts years ago. Once again never throw away any bits.

After a bit of a pin and a little trim the hand looks like it was made for the kit.

Two down and one more to go, then it is onto the rest of the bikes.