Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wip Flesh Tearers Scout Biker squads

I plan to add two squads of Space Marine Scout Bikers to my Flesh Tearers army to use in the current 40k league. I have a bunch of the old style metal scout bikers and have picked up some bits to round out the squads.

The first model finished a, A Scout Biker veteran Sergeant. I plan to have a vet sgt leading each squad and armed with a combi-grav gun. I used the drum magazine bolter bit from the original squad. it has a big targeter that once painted will mark it out as the combi weapon.

I bit purchased six sets of astartes grenade launchers to out fit both squads with the max amount. The grenade launcher cowlings took a little modification but fit surprisingly well.

The assembly line of scout bikers waiting for arms. I had previously used many of the scout shotgun arm bits to build a Elysian drop troop veteran squad back in the day. One of the problems of raiding a kit for bits to finish another project. I started raiding the bits boxes to come up with some replacement arms.

After a short search I came up with some bolt pistol arms I had cut from the old Space crusade scouts.

I cut these off of the space crusade scout sergeants to make them into a missile launcher armed scouts years ago. Once again never throw away any bits.

After a bit of a pin and a little trim the hand looks like it was made for the kit.

Two down and one more to go, then it is onto the rest of the bikes.



Lasgunpacker said...

I appreciate that you used the space crusade scout pistols for the metal scouts, which have bitz from the current scouts.

Is there a 4th generation of scouts you could get involved in some way? ;)

ColKillgore said...

I have some Rogue Trader scouts from before the Space crusade plastics but I never cut any of them up to convert, so no extra pieces from them.