Friday, January 9, 2015

Finished assembling Flesh Tearers Scout Biker squads

I plan to filed two Space Marine Scout Biker squads in my 40k League Flesh Tearers army and finally managed to get them built.

I used the newer scout biker bits to add Astartes Grenade launchers to three bikes in each squad. The grenade launcher bits went onto the old style bikes surprisingly well. I originally planned to put them on the old style 40mm cavalry bases but I scrounged enough new longer bases for both squads.

Scout bikers assembled. My current plan is to equip both squads the same, with a vet sergeant with a Combi-grav gun, three Astartes Grenade launchers and cluster mines. The mines will let me booby trap a couple terrain pieces and then send the scout bikers to harass the enemy back field.


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