Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Codex Project-The Lost and The Damned

I am passing on a request from Sons of Taurus to support the The Codex Project. It is a group organizing to play test and produce fan made codices that people will play with and not call overpowered.
One thing that really made me want to build an army were the old Chapter approved articles in White Dwarf that would allow you to field variants of different 40k armies. My favorite variant army was the Iron Warriors in 3rd edition. The Chapter approved article allowed you to field either a chaos basilisk or a vindicator. (This was before the chaos vindicator was part of the chaos space marine armoury) I built a Iron Warriors army just to field a chaos Basilisk. Then there is my Elysian drop troop army I built before all the cool forge world rules and models. Once again I converted up a bunch of models that ended up by the wayside when the codex was redone. Then there are the Citadel journal armies. I have a Genestealer cult army, a Harlequin army and an Arbite army but with the rules going out of date because of edition changes they rarely see the table. Then there are the outdated codex armies like the Speed freaks from Codex Armageddon and The Lost and The Damned from Codex Eye of Terror. I built armies for both and I can proxy most of the units and models under the current rules for Orks and Imperial guard, they still aren't the same as the old lists. Last is the completely fan based Adeptus Mechanicus army list I was helping play test till the yahoogroup died off. I have since continued to build on the Adeptus Mechanicus as an Imperial Guard army but it lacks allot of flavor it could have.
If you read this check out the Codex Project and if you can help out, contribute. I think I will try and help out Sons with his Lost and the Damned and maybe a couple others.