Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feburary Gaming update

I have played in several good games in the last couple weeks. I went down to Underground games and played in a 40k of 40k Apocalypse game put on by Richard Fortuna. I played using my Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan and the Bell of Lost Souls datafax. I ended up playing on the Enemies of the Imperium side and had a enjoyable evening of gaming. There was a ton of superheavies on the table, My Phantom, 2 warhound titans, a Brass scorpion, an ork stompa, a stormblade and eight Baneblades. the Phantom was about destroyed on turn 3 but self repaired and managed to survive the game. The Enemies of the Imperium won the game by concentrating on the objectives the whole game instead of waiting for the last turn to make a mad dash for them. I also took 8 Tau Battlesuits I had finished painting for Anthony D and gave them to a friend of his to deliver.

The next day I went to the BOHM to continue my weekend of gaming. We played a game of Chasepot and Needlegun. I ended up on the Prussian side and after a rousing game with many highs and lows, it ended with the majority of Prussians falling back off of the table. It was a test game to see if ChuckarooBob was going to run the game at the historical game day Feb 23rd at Underground games.

The latest was a game of Disposeable Heros last Sunday at the BOHM. Charles K and Keith P played the attacking Americans while John B and Myself played the defending germans. The scenario was the germans defending a village and a chateau with the American trying to take them both. The game ended with the germans still holding the village and neither side able to hold the chateau.