Thursday, October 16, 2008

Current Brass Scorpion Pics

I haven't had much hobby time lately but I have put a few more details on my friend Tuna's Brass Scorpion. I have worked on the Plague towers adding more green stuff but I have a lot to go. I still haven't finalized a plague mortar Idea yet. I am thinking about building a plague mortar turrent.
I have started assembling some Warmachine figures. I have enough assembled to have a legal force. I have a Sentinel warjack, A defender warjack, a unit of gunmages with a gun mage captain and Lt Caine as the warcaster. While sorting through the models I came up short parts for a trencher chain gun crewman. I contacted Privateer press and they sent out one of the missing pieces but forgot the mian gunner piece. I traded a couple emails with them and after a call to customer service the gunner bit should be here in a week or so.