Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battle Of Wayne's Space Port part 2

This is the final part of the Battle for Wayne's Space Port battle report. The game was played on 26June10 at Games HQ in Charlotte NC. IT was host by the CAAR gaming group.

The Battle Begins

The massed Ork horde stares down and waits for the firestorm but first a Blind Barrage hit just in front of the Imperial firing line.
Unfortunately the barrage scattered a little too close to the Imperials and they just drove up six inches and let the orks have it.

My rogue Trader Chaos Dreadnought takes an immobilizing hit and spends the rest of the game as a plasma cannon pill box. My other Chaos Dreadnought was also Immobilized and had its twin linked las cannon destroyed. It became a combi-bolter pillbox and except for fire frenzing and shooting up one of my Vindicators a couple times did nothing else in the game.

Krovar's bugs charge into the Chaos Terminators, Chaos Dreadnought and loyalist Marine land raider. Because of an opportune Crazed! result from the Chaos Dred the genestealers were unable to surround the land raider and the Marines were able to get out.

Brian's surviving Orks charge into the Imperial tanks. Forgive the fuzzy picture.

With fresh batteries and from the other side of the table a better view of Brian's orks mix it up with the Imperial tanks. I should mention that Brian's new secret gamer name is "Kicked In The Teeth" His orks took so much pain running into the imperial guns but he never slowed down.

Sneaky Space Wolves come on the table behind a Plague Tower. The tower had already been tore up by the Warhound Titan and a bunch of Imperial guns. The Wolf Scouts hit the tower with a melta gun and planned to assault it with Melta Bombs but time ran out. It was down to one structure point and I rolled and repaired a damaged drive so it could move. Then Chris asked if he could do the assault. I figured the attacks would destroy it but let him roll anyway.

The before and

The after. The Tower went up in a ten inch apocalyptic blast. Killing the Wolf scouts, most of the Plague Marines inside and a bunch of orks in the building.

An outflanking brood of Carnifexes made short work of the Warhound and try to find some cover before the return fire comes.

Kim's Khorne Terminators in a bad place. Pounded by several Vindicators and the Plague Tower they survived it all until the Hive tyrant charged up the hill.

Kim's Bloodthirster and Krovar's Bugs fight it out next to the Supreme Headquarters bunker.

A Loyalist Dreadnought drop pods in and damages the Plague Tower.

Jerry Frazee's Ork battle wagon rolls on as reinforcements. The plague marines were mine and they had spent the game on guard duty, preventing the Loyalists from using the tunnels on our side of the table.

More of Jerry Frazee's Orks move onto the table where the Plague Tower left a molten crater.

Brian's ork Bikers take the fight to the imperials.

More Khorne Berserkers move up to charge Jerry F's Orks.

Loyalist Dreadnought charges and damages the Tower again but not for long. The group of ork Tankbustas finish him off .

Typhus has left the Tower! Typhus and fifteen plague marines dismount and head into the landing platform.

Krovar uses his Vortex Grenade and destroys the buildings he has been trying to move around all game.

Jerry F's Orks and some chaos marines face off in the ruins while my Plague Marines leave their post and move to get into the action.
Soon after this the game was called. We finished 3 full turns and ended up calling the game a draw. I had a fun time and look forward to the next game put on by the Charlotte Area Arms Race.
There was some idle talk about a next game centered around an ork fortress/city. A rough plan was for Me and Krovar to add our orks to Jerry Frazee's and Brian's orks. I think this might be the motivation I need to get my Gargant project on the fast track.

Battle of Wayne's Space Port part1

Last Saturday, 26June10 I went with my friend Krovar down to the new Games HQ location in Charlotte NC to play in an Apocalypse 40k game Organized by Kim Alman and the Charlotte Area Arms Race (CAAR). Kim wrote the scenario based on A group of Blood Angel marine have turned traitor and various force are headed to Wayne's Space Port to either put kill the traitors, help the traitors or just join in the fun.

Max army size was 5000 pts and no more than three super heavies. My force was the three Plague Towers, five vindicators in a line breaker squadron, two dreadnoughts, Typhus and Forty seven Plague Marine. Fifty Eight models for 5k points on the dot.
Here is Krovars tyranids. Two Malefactors, Two Exocrines, a Dactilyis, a bunch of warriors, Hive Tyrants, Lictors and a proxy Tervigon. Krovar used the data sheets from the Bols Lords of battle Volume 2.0 for the old armorcast big bugs.

I believe these are Chris' Imperial Guard and Space Wolves.

I believe these are Wes' Space Marines Including the drop pods I would later see up close.

These are Brian's Boxes O' Orks who will play a vital roll in the game.
Brian Contemplates the destruction of his Enemies. This is also the only picture I took of an actual person all day.

The center of the table was elevated and there were hills on either side. The Main Landing pad is in the center of the table and would be worth two objectives. The Grey buildings in the foreground is also another objective.

A better view of the objective building. In the foreground was a Mole model. It is another blast from the past model from the olden days of Rogue Trader 40k and Epic. It is sort of like a tunneling transport. The rule for the game was that any ten model of less squad that entered the Mole and made a leadership test could use it to deep strike anywhere on the table the next turn.

Another scenario Rule was a set of tunnel entrances around the board. Any infantry unit could enter the tunnels but would come out a random entrance the next turn. If an enemy unit has the entrance surrounded the unit comes out of then the unit is removed.

Typhus' personal Plague Tower set up behind Jerry Frazee's Stompa. This was the first time his Stompa had seen the table and suffered from the expensive model first game curse. It was placed on the table and promptly destroyed before it could do anything.

My Linebreaker Squadron of five Vindicators come rolling up the hillside.

Krovar's Bug spearhead poised to strike at the grey objective building.

Brian's Ork horde set up and ready to close with the enemy.

This is the enemy his orks are across from.

Kim's Chaos Marines occupy the grey building objective.

A late arrival but not too late to start the game on the table, An Imperial Warhound. The points were in the Enemies of the Imperium side's favor till another player showed and he brought the Imperial sides' points up. I had brought two Eldar Tempest Super Heavy tanks but with the late arriving player they went back in the box.

A Plague Tower surveys the battlefield and prepares to crush the Followers of the False One.

One Hiccup in the Scenario is that none of the Blood Angel Players showed for the game so I guess the joke was on everybody else who would believe the Vile rumour that a group of Blood Angels would turn traitor.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wheels of Decay

I have made some progress on my Contagion Daemonic Engines. I remastered the wheel I used on my Plague Towers and made a new mold. Below are the first six castings and I think they will be a bit easier to mount once I get them drilled out and put the axles in.

Below is the finished lot. I made enough wheels for three Contagions and one extra which was the first test cast.
The castings are much better than the ones I did for the Plague Towers with little or no voids. The only real problem was that a couple of the wheels bulged out. I believe it was because I picked up the mold and moved it before it was fully cured but they are still good enough for a warped Daemonic Engine. I think the swelled look adds character to the wheel.
My basic plan to construct the rest of the model is to cover a piece of pink foam with card to form the hull. To build the trebuchet from either more foam covered in wood or just use a ripped down 1"x4" board and some dowel rods. The front head I am contemplating carving a base from foam and them sculpting the facial features on it with DAS air dry clay with a piece of small pvc pipe for the forward gun. The counter weight will probably be sculpted from foam and either covered with card or Das clay and the ammunition carved from foam. Finally I think I will use either cloth or foil to make the sling to hold the ammunition and hook to the end of the trebuchet boom.
This is the basic plan and subject to change for any number of reasons.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arise! Kneecap Ridge!

I have finally started on Kneecap Ridge. It will be a terrain center piece for future pulp games based on Kneecap Island. I am planning on a set of steps on one side so models can climb up on to the plateau and perform unspeakable obscene rituals or picnic as the mood strikes them.

I used a good ole' wire cutter to cut the basic forms and the foam actually came from a piece I found on the side of the road. It was a little muddy but still in good shape. I am still in the planning stage and the ridge may be very different when I am done.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lasgun Conversions

Here are some closer shots of a few lasgun conversions I did a while back. I posted a couple of the pictures before but I didn't really describe how I did the conversions. I intend to use them as part of a veteran squads and decided to model some unique weapons for them.

Above is an autogun/shotgun conversion. It takes a catachan lasgun, a boltpistol magazine and a little bit of greenstuff. First cut off the lasgun magazine flush with the bottom of the reciever. Them cut off the barrel at the front of the reciever. Then cut off the flash suppressor leaving a milimeter of the rear on the barrel. Drill out the barrel and use a knife to open up the barrel wide enough to look like a shotgun barrel. Flip the barrel over and glue it back onto the reciever with the small tube on top. I used model cement so I let the barrel cure over night before I finished the magazine. Cut the magazine off of a spare bolt pistol. Trim the magazine down and glue it to the bottom of the lasgun reciever at your desired angle. Once this is cured use a bit of greenstuff to cover the join and make a longer magazine well.
This las carbine conversion was inspired by an Adeptus Arbite assault team conversion I saw on the web. The guy had done some amazing conversions, including making his lasguns look like MP5 submachineguns. I figured I would take a shot at doing a similar weapon. To make the conversion I used some 2.5mm x 1mm styrene strip, 1mm styrene rod, a catachan lasgun and some greenstuff. First cut off the barrel and magazine flush with the reciever. Then cut off the handhold and carve the front of the reciever down to a thin front sight. Cut two pieces of the 2.5mmx1mm strip to the length you wan the magazine to be and glue them together. Then cut a piece of the 1mm styrene rod to the desired barrel length, file down the ends and them glue the rod onto the front of the reciever. After the glue is set on the magazine glue it to the bottom of the reciever and after it cures use some green stuff to fill the gap in the magazine and cover any other gaps where the barrel and magazine are glued to the reciever.

Last is an AK lasgun. There is a similar styled lasgun on the necromunda weapon sprue and some necromunda models. The parts needed are a catachan lasgun and the spare shuriken catapult magazine bit from the eldar guardian sprue. First cut off the magazine and the barrel flush with the reciever. Then cut the flash suppressor off flush with the bracket on the barrel. Clean up the front of the reciever and the back of the barrel piece and them glue the barrel back onto the reciever with the small rod on top. Clean up the bracket, the back of the flash suppressor barrel and then glue it back to the bracket with the notches of the flash suppressor down. Last take the spare shuirken catapult magazine bit and cut off one of the magazines. Clean up the top of the magazine and then glue it onto the bottom of the reciever.