Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lasgun Conversions

Here are some closer shots of a few lasgun conversions I did a while back. I posted a couple of the pictures before but I didn't really describe how I did the conversions. I intend to use them as part of a veteran squads and decided to model some unique weapons for them.

Above is an autogun/shotgun conversion. It takes a catachan lasgun, a boltpistol magazine and a little bit of greenstuff. First cut off the lasgun magazine flush with the bottom of the reciever. Them cut off the barrel at the front of the reciever. Then cut off the flash suppressor leaving a milimeter of the rear on the barrel. Drill out the barrel and use a knife to open up the barrel wide enough to look like a shotgun barrel. Flip the barrel over and glue it back onto the reciever with the small tube on top. I used model cement so I let the barrel cure over night before I finished the magazine. Cut the magazine off of a spare bolt pistol. Trim the magazine down and glue it to the bottom of the lasgun reciever at your desired angle. Once this is cured use a bit of greenstuff to cover the join and make a longer magazine well.
This las carbine conversion was inspired by an Adeptus Arbite assault team conversion I saw on the web. The guy had done some amazing conversions, including making his lasguns look like MP5 submachineguns. I figured I would take a shot at doing a similar weapon. To make the conversion I used some 2.5mm x 1mm styrene strip, 1mm styrene rod, a catachan lasgun and some greenstuff. First cut off the barrel and magazine flush with the reciever. Then cut off the handhold and carve the front of the reciever down to a thin front sight. Cut two pieces of the 2.5mmx1mm strip to the length you wan the magazine to be and glue them together. Then cut a piece of the 1mm styrene rod to the desired barrel length, file down the ends and them glue the rod onto the front of the reciever. After the glue is set on the magazine glue it to the bottom of the reciever and after it cures use some green stuff to fill the gap in the magazine and cover any other gaps where the barrel and magazine are glued to the reciever.

Last is an AK lasgun. There is a similar styled lasgun on the necromunda weapon sprue and some necromunda models. The parts needed are a catachan lasgun and the spare shuriken catapult magazine bit from the eldar guardian sprue. First cut off the magazine and the barrel flush with the reciever. Then cut the flash suppressor off flush with the bracket on the barrel. Clean up the front of the reciever and the back of the barrel piece and them glue the barrel back onto the reciever with the small rod on top. Clean up the bracket, the back of the flash suppressor barrel and then glue it back to the bracket with the notches of the flash suppressor down. Last take the spare shuirken catapult magazine bit and cut off one of the magazines. Clean up the top of the magazine and then glue it onto the bottom of the reciever.

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