Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battle Of Wayne's Space Port part 2

This is the final part of the Battle for Wayne's Space Port battle report. The game was played on 26June10 at Games HQ in Charlotte NC. IT was host by the CAAR gaming group.

The Battle Begins

The massed Ork horde stares down and waits for the firestorm but first a Blind Barrage hit just in front of the Imperial firing line.
Unfortunately the barrage scattered a little too close to the Imperials and they just drove up six inches and let the orks have it.

My rogue Trader Chaos Dreadnought takes an immobilizing hit and spends the rest of the game as a plasma cannon pill box. My other Chaos Dreadnought was also Immobilized and had its twin linked las cannon destroyed. It became a combi-bolter pillbox and except for fire frenzing and shooting up one of my Vindicators a couple times did nothing else in the game.

Krovar's bugs charge into the Chaos Terminators, Chaos Dreadnought and loyalist Marine land raider. Because of an opportune Crazed! result from the Chaos Dred the genestealers were unable to surround the land raider and the Marines were able to get out.

Brian's surviving Orks charge into the Imperial tanks. Forgive the fuzzy picture.

With fresh batteries and from the other side of the table a better view of Brian's orks mix it up with the Imperial tanks. I should mention that Brian's new secret gamer name is "Kicked In The Teeth" His orks took so much pain running into the imperial guns but he never slowed down.

Sneaky Space Wolves come on the table behind a Plague Tower. The tower had already been tore up by the Warhound Titan and a bunch of Imperial guns. The Wolf Scouts hit the tower with a melta gun and planned to assault it with Melta Bombs but time ran out. It was down to one structure point and I rolled and repaired a damaged drive so it could move. Then Chris asked if he could do the assault. I figured the attacks would destroy it but let him roll anyway.

The before and

The after. The Tower went up in a ten inch apocalyptic blast. Killing the Wolf scouts, most of the Plague Marines inside and a bunch of orks in the building.

An outflanking brood of Carnifexes made short work of the Warhound and try to find some cover before the return fire comes.

Kim's Khorne Terminators in a bad place. Pounded by several Vindicators and the Plague Tower they survived it all until the Hive tyrant charged up the hill.

Kim's Bloodthirster and Krovar's Bugs fight it out next to the Supreme Headquarters bunker.

A Loyalist Dreadnought drop pods in and damages the Plague Tower.

Jerry Frazee's Ork battle wagon rolls on as reinforcements. The plague marines were mine and they had spent the game on guard duty, preventing the Loyalists from using the tunnels on our side of the table.

More of Jerry Frazee's Orks move onto the table where the Plague Tower left a molten crater.

Brian's ork Bikers take the fight to the imperials.

More Khorne Berserkers move up to charge Jerry F's Orks.

Loyalist Dreadnought charges and damages the Tower again but not for long. The group of ork Tankbustas finish him off .

Typhus has left the Tower! Typhus and fifteen plague marines dismount and head into the landing platform.

Krovar uses his Vortex Grenade and destroys the buildings he has been trying to move around all game.

Jerry F's Orks and some chaos marines face off in the ruins while my Plague Marines leave their post and move to get into the action.
Soon after this the game was called. We finished 3 full turns and ended up calling the game a draw. I had a fun time and look forward to the next game put on by the Charlotte Area Arms Race.
There was some idle talk about a next game centered around an ork fortress/city. A rough plan was for Me and Krovar to add our orks to Jerry Frazee's and Brian's orks. I think this might be the motivation I need to get my Gargant project on the fast track.

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