Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rise of the Gargant

I have been bitten by the Ork bug again. The talk of an Ork vs Everybody else themed Apocalypse game has me breaking out my collection of bitz to build a Great Gargant. The major piece I plan to use for the Gargant's torso is this Booda Dome. I found it in a trash pile on the side of the street a couple years ago. I have kept it waiting for the day It will rise and terrorize the Apocalypse battle fields.

The main opening will end up being the back with a large armored assault ramp. My original plan is to use foam as the floor but I am thinking about mounting a wooden or metal floor in the bottom and then use it as a model transport.
This side will end up being the front. I am planning to cut a four inch hole just below the vent. This will eventually hold the belly gun. The dome is about eighteen or so inches across and it is going to be a big model. I will use the BoLS Lords of Battle Vol2.0 datsheet for the Great Gargant to plan its equipment.
It is very much a work in progress but I think I can get the majority of it together rather quickly and then take some time on the detailing.

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