Saturday, July 31, 2010

Modern Figures Speed Painting

I have been talking to Chuckaroobob about playing some games using the Disposable Heroes supplement Seek Out, Close With and Destroy. It contains rules for more modern games. The basic in the book are the Falklands war and The Somali militia wars. Chuckaroo has a pile of Somali's and American and we have played several games over the years. Chuckaroo called me friday and informed me he would be hosting a modern game Sunday and I was invited.
I broke out Seek Out, Close With and Destroy and started planning. The one thing in the book I have been wanting to try out is the rules for the Ultra Elite Delta force teams. I sorted through my TAG (The Assault Group) African militia figures and selected out enough to use for a few Delta teams and snipers. I figured the points and gave Chuckaroo a call back this morning to see how much forces he wanted to field. After talking awhile I decided that I would paint up the figures to a base coat for tomorrows game. I added another fire team and two guys with Heckler and Koch Mp5s to use as helicopter pilots if one of the helicopters we are playing with gets shot down.

Here is the start. I have had these figures for years but have never managed to get them past priming. It is one command team, three fire teams, three snipers, two helicopter pilots and the one non combatant modern model I have an old Dr Who companion model. The companion was already painted so I just flocked the base and gave it a little paint.
Next step everybody gets a coat of Vallejo military green.

The I dry brushed everything with reaper master series olive green and all the flesh scorched brown.

All the metal, canteen caps and leather boots get black. I then went back over the uniforms with a light dry brush of reaper master series pale olive. I had to add more putty to the bases to make them more irregular when I add the sand later.

All the flesh areas now get a coat of tanned flesh. I then did a wash using my premixed chestnut ink and future wash.

I then went over the flesh areas with elf flesh. I washed the flesh again and then glued sand to the bases. They are not completely finished but they are three colors, have a flocked base and ready for the game tomorrow. It took longer than the six hours I told Chuckaroo I could do it in but I did go get the boy and pizza, watched some TV and googled some info.
A teaser on tomorrows game.
Mogadishu, Somalia
Dateline 31 July 2015
An anonymous US State department official has confirmed that a missing Polish Journalist has been taken hostage by an undisclosed Somali Warlord. Negotiations have stalled and there are rumours of a possible military response to the kidnapping buy US and Polish military forces.

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Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, I just finished painting up two T-55's I bought from RLBPS at H-con, which is as close to speed painting as I'll ever get. I also finished three MRAPS's from Hobby Armor Depot this week. I've counted up my militia and think I'll have to bring EVERYTHING if I'm going to take on a fistful of Delta lads. Right now that stands at 80 guys, 6 technicals, and two APC's. Ok, Scotty, noon tomorrow: Bring It!