Friday, August 6, 2010

Operation Fast Run pt1

On 8August 10 I played a game of Disposable Heroes against Chuckaroobob and John B at The Basement of Heaped Miniatures. We used the Seek Out, Close With and Destroy supplement that covers more modern combat. We also used some of the stats from the By the Knife pdf and the Lav-25 stats from the USMC list on the Iron Ivan yahoo group. The basic scenario is a Polish Journalist has been taken hostage by a Somali warlord. A detachment of GROM, the Polish special ops force, has been tasked with rescuing the hostage. I designed a Grom Detachment using the Delta force list in SOCWAD, while Chuckaroo used a Somali Militia Force from the same book.

Here are Chuckaroos three MRAPS. I couldn't find any stats for the MRAPs so we used the armour and movement of a Lav-25. The left one is armed with a Mark 19 grenade launcher, the rear six wheeled one is armed with a M2HB .50 cal hmg and the front one is armed with a M2HB and a Mark 19 grenade launcher. The were used as the transports for the Grom forces.
Some of the Somali support. A Btr 152 and a Btr 70. The Btr 152 is the personal transport for the Warlords bodyguard. The stats for these came from the Iron Ivan By the Knife Pdf.

An AH-6 Little bird. For the game we would play it as a AH-6J carrying mini guns and rockets.

The Journalist and her Somali guards. The journalist is actually a Dr.Who companion I have had for a long time. She would also appear to be the only modern figure I own that isn't armed, doing a martial arts maneuver or bionics. I seem to be in a better boat than Chuckaroo because he doesn't appear to have any modern model who doesn't have a gun. We discussed this and determined that we both are of the "Why buy a model if it doesn't have a gun school."

The Grom Ground force. In the six wheeled MRAP is the command squad with the lieutenant, two M203 grenade launchers and a M249 squad automatic weapon. The next two MRAPs each carry a maneuver squad, one with a M203 and an M60 lmg and the other squad with an M249. On foot is one infiltrating maneuver squad with M203 and an M60 lmg. The command squad and all three maneuver squads also carry 2 At4 antitank rockets each. Last is three Snipers, two armed with M21 rifle and the last with a car15 sniper rifle. The basic plan is a thunder run in with the MRAPS will the sniper pin the rabble and the infiltrating team provides a diversion to draw forces away from the objective.

The Table set up. The badly battered strong hold of the Warlord.

A technical concealed in a rubble strewn alley.

Another technical and group of Militia outside a small settlement.

A group of Militia with a technical holding the highs at the old Italian hill fort.

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