Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sisters of Battle Attack Space Marines

I played my fifth 500 point League game against Landon H's Space Marines at Gaming Underground in High Point North Carolina.

The Sisters of Battle Main force formed up and ready.

The Retributors emplaced in the woods at the base of  an alien tower. I was attacking so Landon chose the difficult terrain for attackers and the -1 movement for attackers and +1 move for defenders. So The entire table was difficult terrain for me and after rolling to move for difficult terrain I had to minus an inch from it.
The Space marines arrayed against the Sisters.

The Retributors destroy a razorback but the marines run up to get in the other one.
After the Marine dexvastator squad ans attack bikes gunned down most of the Sisters, the Repentia managed to close with the tactical squad and put a little pain on them.
The Confessor chases after the Repentia as the Attack bikes range in on the Retributors.
After taking too many hits the Retributors bolt for the board edge,

The Repentia made the Marines pay but the Confessor is caught in a cross fire after failing to roll high enough to get into combat.
Another loss for the sisters. The League has gone to 750 points now and has rewritten the one inch movement rule. I have a brand new list and plan to get some games in soon.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Army Group North Semovente M40/75-18

After reading about Tim working on some WWII Italians here , I went looking for my Army Group North Italian Semovente M40/75-18 I painted up years ago.

 It is a resin and metal kit that went together very well. I went with a basic khaki paint scheme to be able to use it in games anywhere the Italians fought.

 I mostly game WWII using the Disposable Heroes game system from Iron Ivan games. I picked up their Italian supplement called Mare Nostrum. the vehicle entry for the semovente allows it to have a pintle Breda heavy machine gun. The kit doesn't have one so I scratch built one from wire, greenstuff and plastic card.

 A good look at the business end of the Semovente M40/75-18

I have my Italian paratroopers put up so I used a Mack Torrey model from the Reaper Chronoscope range to show the scale of the vehicle to a heroic 28mm figure.

I just have to get some of those Italian Paratroopers painted.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Sisters of Battle Seraphim Conversions

The 40k escalation league I have been playing in has gone up 250 points to 750. My 500 point list had every model on foot so I decided to add a little mobility by basing up a Seraphim squad.

 I have several of the Seraphim with hand flamers but with the proliferation of power armor troops in the League I decoded that I needed some better ap weapons. Years ago, in the fabled times of the GW bits service, I ordered several of the Canoness arm sprues with the Inferno pistols to convert a couple Seraphim into Inferno pistol armed models. I had more hand flamer armed models so I cut off the hand flamers and replaced them with the Inferno pistols.

 Here are the pair of Inferno pistol armed Seraphim conversions. I am debating on converting a couple more Seraphim to have Inferno pistols but will have to use plastic Inferno pistols for that conversion.
A group picture of the Seraphim squad before flocking and priming.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st Gunners Wargaming Giveaway

Gunner is having a giveaway here .

Follow the directions on his blog and if you win, he will customize a group of miniatures for you.

Check it out.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sisters of Battle Face the Dark Eldar

I made it out to Gaming Underground for a couple 40k league games. After determining Attackers and Defenders I was matched up defending against Jim B's Dark Eldar. I believe Jim is currently winning the leagu with a string of Major victories so far.

 As the defender I chose the hostile terrain and the natural predator advantages. The hostile terrian made the entire table difficult terrain for the attacker and the natural predators subjected the attacker to an attack if they move within three inches of wooded terrain. We rolled Assassins and three 25mm objectives for the game and Dawn of war for the deployment. I started my Confessor and Battle sister squad forward and in cover, while jim flew his force onto the table turn one. His shooting decimated the Sisters of Battle squad before the rest of my force onto the table.

 Jims raider and ravager both ended up immobilized due to failed difficult terrain rolls, so the wych squad and Haemoculus dismounted and headed toward the Confessor and Battle Sister squad.

 The Haemoculus and Wyches charge into the Confessor and Battle Sister squad. Wyches go first and wipeout the Battle Sisters then the Haemoculus swings and only puts one more wound on the Confessor.The confessor swings back with his Eviscerator at the Haemoculus and hits and wounds with all three attacks, killing the Haemoculus.

The confessor loses the combat but makes his leadership test to stay in combat.

 My turn the Repentia charge into the Wyches.

 They kill several wyches and win the combat. Fearless wounds only leave one wych standing.
 Next turn Jim dismounts his Grotesques and they charge into the combat. The Confessor and all but one Repentia fall, the last repentia stands her ground.

Last turn the Wyches and Grotesques puit the final Repentia down before she can swing.

I only had a single Retributor left so we called the game. I did earn a sort of distinction by drawing the Assassin objective so Jim only recieved a Minor Victory. I breaks his perfect run of major victories and I have scored better than anyone else in the league against him so far.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Quantum Gothic Comm-Dish arrived

Another package came in the mail last week.

I won the drawing for a Quantum Gothic Comm-Dish over at  Apocalypse 40k here.  Quantum Gothic has some great terrain on their site, check it out here.

I have been hit with a bit of the "real life" lately but I will get this together and painted up before too long.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Assault Group free Mini

It has arrived! 

The Assault Group is running a Like our Face book page and get a free Mini here. You can choose a free mini from their freebie range and I picked up the African Warlord with druganov rifle. Like their facebook page here and they will send you a free figure, hard to beat.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Fever Con 2012 Raleigh NC

Hi Kids,  It's really late but I figured I'd get motivated and post a convention report of all the cool stuff that went on during the Spring Fever Convention in Raleigh this spring.

 Victorian Sci-Fi was big this con, here we have a 25mm game on John Carter/ A Princess of Mars.  Looks like Dejah Thoris is in trouble again!
 A shot of the 25mm game "The Happy Rearguard," demonstrating all the winter sport excitement of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow in 1812.  Feel like making a snowman?  Just stop shambling east, you'll be a snowman in no time!  Reminds me of a scene in the second best movie ever made, "The Duelists," when Harvey Keitel gives his "Those woods stink of Cossack!" speech! Mike Tyson won a HMGS award at Cold Wars with this game.  Good job, Mike!
More Victorian Sci-Fi from the Charlotte lads, this is a much larger 25mm game using Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter" as a backdrop.  In the distance is the crashed airship defended by earthlings, while some martians zoom in with mayhem intended!

 Same game, Martian Cav approaching. The lead unit has already taken some hits.
 Bob's game of 54mm GW's Inquisitor.  The Emporer will not count your medals, but your scars!
15mm Ancient combat.  Looks like some of them are phalangites from all those pikes!   Ancients is starting to gain in popularity at the Raleigh shows.

 Everyone digs the Wings of War air combat game and it's WW2 sequel, why not go the distance to a galaxy far away?  This game had everything from TIE fighters, X-wings, Cylons, Vipers, maybe even Dr. Who's phone booth.
 Another shot of the action on Mars, looks like someone is demonstrating how to not hit the target.
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!  Here we have Ken Ellis' game of Globbo!  Yes, Globbo is an honest-to-God game published by Steve Jackson Games, and Ken has improved it by setting it to miniatures!  Globbo is a game of babysitting; thats the Globbo babysitter at the bottom of the picture, the kids are spread out further away.

 The kids counterattack!  Globbo is hit by a swarm of biters (blue, red, and black/white striped) and one blip (gold fuzzball).
 Back to Mars, the cav are assisted by low level flyers.  Looks like the Colonial Americans are still holding the wrecked ship.
World War 1 on the Western Front.  It's a 15mm game of Trenchfight!  The attackers are only halfway across no-mans land in this shot.

 Here we have two shots of the Indian Wars, looks like a buffalo herd is being molested by either the Indians, the Cav, or both!

A shot of the GW Fantasy tournament.  Anything with a mammoth deserves to be immortalized on the web!

 Another few shots of the Fantasy tournament, here we have Tony's Ogre Kingdom Army mastodon.  Called a stonetusk I think.  Looks like bad news for the other team!
 Of course, why walk when you can fly?  Stafing attack with a dragon!
The second time the Charlotte lads ran this Mars game I got to be the USA defenders of the wreck.  Keep low, load up, and Die Hard, my lads!

 On Mars, its probably not the United Nations....   When you see a bunch of troops from assorted Earth countries its probably a land grab!  Germans, Brits, Japanese....  That martian soil just has everyone worked up!
 Naturally the Martians want to defend their home turf, and sweep in to do some bomb runs.
Looks like the Japanese are preparing for their Banzai charge, which swept all the opposition away!

 If I didn't know better I'd think the Gnome Wars had started up again!  The sensation from Brigade Games just keeps going strong.
 Who says you can't use 40K vehicles to do a Mad Max/Road Warrior game?  Not these guys!  That guzzaline is worth a lot to the Wasteland Warriors.
Looks like more 15mm ancient combat!  I'm leaning towards the English Civil War......

 Another game of Inquisitor, looks like the bad-ish guys are trying to investigate an alien artifact.  I'd just like to point out the Emporer was on my side.
 Gunfight in the Old West.
Looks like the Spartan Games' Dystopia Wars minis are getting up steam for some action! The Imperial Japanese fleet lines up against.....

 the Confederate State of America!
 Stalingrad?  Zombies?  The South Bronx on a Saturday night? Did I loan the camera to someone?
The Tron Lightcycle game!  The action is fast and furious!  The quick and the dead brought to a whole new level!

Once those Orks get cranked up, they're going to blow the whole place to pieces!  The last of the Australian oil barons make tracks, dogged every step of the way by the Green Tide of unwashed masses.  Wonder if they make a Victoria Hey minature?  Yowza!  Who would've thought the same actress could be a Bond girl (The Living Daylights), amazon warrior woman (Road Warrior) and bald blue pacifist alien plant girl (Farscape)?  She's got talent!

Well kids, thats about it for this con report.  There were more games but ya can't get them all!  The Fantasy tourney had about 24-30 gamers, I can't remember exactly.  Everyone should make a pilgrimage to Raleigh for the next con; Southern Front!  Mark your calendars for late Sept or early Oct.  Be there or be square!