Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gargant Internals

I made a trip to Lowe's and picked up the parts for the Gargant internal frame. The two tee's at the bottom will eventually be the feet. The top two tee's will be the internal shoulders. Using a bushing they will connect with the two top black tee's to form the outer shoulders on top of the arms. The last two tee's will form the elbows on either arm. I have one inch pipe to connect the internals and two inch pipe to from the arms. I haven't decided on the final weapon load but I will need to have the internal parts ready either way.

The next step is to mock up the Gargant and figure the measurements for the pipe sections. Once I get the foam base cut and fitted into the bottom of the Gargant lower hull I can mount the two internal pipe sections that will run from the feet, through the foam floor, through the top of the Booda dome and into the internal shoulder tees. These tee's will be inside the top hull and pipes will go from them, through the sides of the top hull to the arm shoulder pieces.
My thoughts on the weapon load are leaning toward a shooting Gargant with two ranged weapon arms. I have pieces to build a close combat arm and eventually will but I think that in most Apocalypse games the size of the Gargant will prevent it from moving any distance. I do look forward to a big game and seeing the Gargant go toe to toe with a Warlord titan one day but I have to get it built first.

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sonsoftaurus said...

Gunna be a big un!

Gargants were one of the big (no pun intended) things that helped hook me on Epic back in the day, and on Orks in general.