Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contemplating 8th Edition

I haven't had much hobby progress lately, mostly because of that pesky Life interfering. I have been contemplating which army I want to try to get painted and on the table for 8th edition. My aim is for a completely painted army, fun to play and can compete in the local tournaments.
First the two armies I have with the most painted models are the Empire and Vampire counts. I have played both of them extensively in the past and want to get a different army ready. There are also a couple players running Empire and Vampires locally and would rather add a variety to available armies playing.
First is the Beastman army. I have been in the middle of the revamp using the new Beastman book but I have hit a stand still. All of my lists I was building and painting models for will now play differently under 8th edition. I have once again been bitten by the edition change monster. I have been looking at fielding a couple of forty model horde sized bestigor units but they are unpainted. I probably will need to add more gors and ungors to field larger units of them. The more I think about it the more models I need to build.
While I haven't been working on the beasts, I have done some work on the Dark Elves. I have been collecting Dark elves since 3rd edition and I still don't have a fully painted army. I have a bunch of models but it now seems that the unit to field in 8th ed is the Black Guard. I have Corsairs, Witch elves, warriors and more but of course I never really dug the Black guard so I have very few of them, probably not enough for a basic unit. I am thinking about either picking up some of the older sculpts or just converting them from a bunch of unassembled spearmen I already have. The other no brainer is a couple of hydras, and yes, I am prepared to go beyond the pale and field ringer units. They will only get one shot of their breath weapon now but they can still tear up a unit. Another option is to go with the corsairs with two handbows and run them 10 wide. With volley fire ,once they get into range or when they get charged, they can put out 40 shots. I am still figuring some possibilities.
Next is my Ogre Kingdom army. I played the army in the last warhammer league and still have a some ideas about conversions I want to do. With the new edition allowing monstrous infantry to fight with full attacks in two ranks a group of bulls can put out some pain. I will probably have to pick up some more gnoblers and a few other odds and ends but I have the majority of the models already and just need to come up with a list to get started.
One army that will be more of a theme list is Orc and Goblins. My main idea for the army is three blocks of fifty Goblin spearman at the core. Of course with the new one inch spacing between friendly units it will take a minimum of twenty six inches of table frontage just to put them down. That is as far as I have gotten in building that army but it would be neat.
The last two are High Elves and Skaven. I am thinking about these mostly because of the new starter box is going to have models for these two armies in them. I have to core of both armies already but little is built and none painted. They would both be bigger projects but the models are slick and both will be competitive.
The bad is I will probably start working on a different army than any I am thinking about now, so we will see.

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