Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battle of Wayne's Space Port part1

Last Saturday, 26June10 I went with my friend Krovar down to the new Games HQ location in Charlotte NC to play in an Apocalypse 40k game Organized by Kim Alman and the Charlotte Area Arms Race (CAAR). Kim wrote the scenario based on A group of Blood Angel marine have turned traitor and various force are headed to Wayne's Space Port to either put kill the traitors, help the traitors or just join in the fun.

Max army size was 5000 pts and no more than three super heavies. My force was the three Plague Towers, five vindicators in a line breaker squadron, two dreadnoughts, Typhus and Forty seven Plague Marine. Fifty Eight models for 5k points on the dot.
Here is Krovars tyranids. Two Malefactors, Two Exocrines, a Dactilyis, a bunch of warriors, Hive Tyrants, Lictors and a proxy Tervigon. Krovar used the data sheets from the Bols Lords of battle Volume 2.0 for the old armorcast big bugs.

I believe these are Chris' Imperial Guard and Space Wolves.

I believe these are Wes' Space Marines Including the drop pods I would later see up close.

These are Brian's Boxes O' Orks who will play a vital roll in the game.
Brian Contemplates the destruction of his Enemies. This is also the only picture I took of an actual person all day.

The center of the table was elevated and there were hills on either side. The Main Landing pad is in the center of the table and would be worth two objectives. The Grey buildings in the foreground is also another objective.

A better view of the objective building. In the foreground was a Mole model. It is another blast from the past model from the olden days of Rogue Trader 40k and Epic. It is sort of like a tunneling transport. The rule for the game was that any ten model of less squad that entered the Mole and made a leadership test could use it to deep strike anywhere on the table the next turn.

Another scenario Rule was a set of tunnel entrances around the board. Any infantry unit could enter the tunnels but would come out a random entrance the next turn. If an enemy unit has the entrance surrounded the unit comes out of then the unit is removed.

Typhus' personal Plague Tower set up behind Jerry Frazee's Stompa. This was the first time his Stompa had seen the table and suffered from the expensive model first game curse. It was placed on the table and promptly destroyed before it could do anything.

My Linebreaker Squadron of five Vindicators come rolling up the hillside.

Krovar's Bug spearhead poised to strike at the grey objective building.

Brian's Ork horde set up and ready to close with the enemy.

This is the enemy his orks are across from.

Kim's Chaos Marines occupy the grey building objective.

A late arrival but not too late to start the game on the table, An Imperial Warhound. The points were in the Enemies of the Imperium side's favor till another player showed and he brought the Imperial sides' points up. I had brought two Eldar Tempest Super Heavy tanks but with the late arriving player they went back in the box.

A Plague Tower surveys the battlefield and prepares to crush the Followers of the False One.

One Hiccup in the Scenario is that none of the Blood Angel Players showed for the game so I guess the joke was on everybody else who would believe the Vile rumour that a group of Blood Angels would turn traitor.


sonsoftaurus said...

Aw, man. That tends to be the case in RPGs too - as soon as a character is made central to the story, his player won't show up.

Those plague towers are looking good!

ColKillgore said...

I am working on three Contagions to go with them, but I doubt i will be able to field all six superheavies in many games.