Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wheels of Decay

I have made some progress on my Contagion Daemonic Engines. I remastered the wheel I used on my Plague Towers and made a new mold. Below are the first six castings and I think they will be a bit easier to mount once I get them drilled out and put the axles in.

Below is the finished lot. I made enough wheels for three Contagions and one extra which was the first test cast.
The castings are much better than the ones I did for the Plague Towers with little or no voids. The only real problem was that a couple of the wheels bulged out. I believe it was because I picked up the mold and moved it before it was fully cured but they are still good enough for a warped Daemonic Engine. I think the swelled look adds character to the wheel.
My basic plan to construct the rest of the model is to cover a piece of pink foam with card to form the hull. To build the trebuchet from either more foam covered in wood or just use a ripped down 1"x4" board and some dowel rods. The front head I am contemplating carving a base from foam and them sculpting the facial features on it with DAS air dry clay with a piece of small pvc pipe for the forward gun. The counter weight will probably be sculpted from foam and either covered with card or Das clay and the ammunition carved from foam. Finally I think I will use either cloth or foil to make the sling to hold the ammunition and hook to the end of the trebuchet boom.
This is the basic plan and subject to change for any number of reasons.

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