Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roll Up The Guns!

I took a break from the Beastmen and finished up some of my Warlord Chinese support weapons. I have had two of the guns and the heavy machine-gun since March of 2006 and the last field gun before that. So only four years and two months from purchase to fully painted. It does mean I am making a dent in the mountain of metal stashed away in the corners. All of the models are from Copplestone and the bases I cut from hardboard.

A group shot of the three field guns.
A close up shot of one field gun. This gun the gunner and spotter have shoulder boards but the other two guns they do not have shoulder boards. I guess it is from a different generation or just variants of the same pose. The gunner is supposed to be facing the gun but I have set the gunners around to get more model coverage on the base.

Last is the heavy machine gun. I didn't get the knelling commander with the machine gun just the two crewmen. I thought about adding a standing commander to the base but decided to just mount a commander on a washer and stand him beside the team if I need one.
A note on the colors I used. I originally had basecoated them in grey like my Chinese troops wearing fur hats. I changed my mind and repainted them in khaki colors. The main reason is I have been toying with playing some games based in the Mexican Revolution era and plan to use these Chinese as proxy Mexican Federales. Same style hat and a bolt action rifle good enough for me. Some purists may balk at the idea but not me. The rest of my Chinese that can't double as Federales are still going to be a variation of grey.


sonsoftaurus said...

I am all for multi-use. Sounds like a good plan to me!

tim said...


Chuckaroobob said...

Beautiful! I'm all for multi-use figs! In fact, most of my life has been an ongoing crusade to use figs for periods/games/nations other than those intended. C'ya, Charles