Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beastman Progress

I have been working on my Beastmen army to get ready for a local tournament in June. After roughing out several lists I decided to add a gore bull to lead a unit of minotaurs. I wanted one with a shield and decided to convert an old minotaur lord. I don't have any of the new minotaur shields so I am building one.

Here is the Gorebull so far and the progress on sculpting the back side of the shield. I already added a piece of brass wire that will eventually be the handle.
The other side of the shield. I tried several different things to use as a dolly for the sculpt but they were either too big or too small. I am still thinking about whether to just add a normal boss or some chaos symbols.

Ungor Raiders and Chaos Thugs in progress. I have them fleshed out and I am starting on their fur and leather. I haven't chosen a color for the clothes of the Chaos thugs and when I do I will get them base coated.

The Centigors, Minotuars and Harpies. The Minotaurs and Centigors are close to base coated, a few more details and I will ink them. Then a few touch ups and they should be to a good table top paint job. I still have to give the Harpies a couple more coats to get their flesh right and then I can finish their wings.

An in progress of Khazrak. I have the armour about right and will start on the flesh and fur next.
I picked up the last of the old style beastherd boxes from Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius yesterday. It had been marked down so I got twelve gors and eight ungors for US$25. I plan to build several of the ungors with hand weapon and shield to bring the unit I have equipped that way up to ten models. I will probably build several of the gors to have two hand weapons.
I also need to convert up a Slugtongue model. I am debating between using one of the plastic gors or using a chaos sorcerer. For now I will use one of my Bray-Shamans as a proxy.


sonsoftaurus said...

The symbols from the Chaos vehicle sprues would fit nicely on the shield I would think.

ColKillgore said...

I tried one of the chaos stars from the vehicle sprue and it seems to work well. Once I do a little more work on the shield i will post up a couple pics.