Saturday, May 22, 2010

Battle at Post Bibane part 1

An overview of the placid Moroccan country side, but danger lurks in the Moroccan hills. The Berbers are on the move and every Frenchman fears of his throat being cut in the night. Since 13 April 1925 eight thousand Rif have made concentrated attacks along the French lines. Thirty nine of sixty six French posts have either been overrun or abandoned. Now 15 May 1925 a Foreign Legion relief column has been dispatched from Fez to reinforce the major post at Bibane but will it make it in time?
The Field from the West. The Bibane Post is in the center next to the Oasis.
The Defenders of Post Bibane. They may look like East Transnestrian Border Police but they are not. They are Southwestern Transnestrian Border Police serving with the french colonial forces. They man the walls and wait for the relief column.
Two of the Legion Commanders observing the approach to Bibane before mounting their horses.
The Legion troops march beside the artillery Half tracks.

The Legion Cavalry takes the field for the first time, lead by a French commander and supported by a unit of Zouaves.

More Legion troops supported by Moroccan colonial levy. They may look like Sikhs but they are not they are Moroccans.

The Berbers make their first appearance and close on the relief column.

The Berbers continue their advance toward the french line.

The defenders wave the colors to show the post is still in French hands, for the moment.

After moving up the Zouaves spot a hidden unit of Camel troops behind the hill. The Berbers regroup and form up for the charge.

A second hidden unit of camels reveal themselves and move closer to the Zouaves. The Zouaves steel themselves and fix Bayonets.

Another hidden unit of Berber cavalry reveals it self and Charges the leading Foreign Legion unit. The combat is bloody but the Berbers end up breaking off. The french Don't celebrate because half the unit is left dead and only two Berbers are killed.

The Berbers Flee the combat still intact as a unit with joy in their hearts and French blood on their swords.

A second unit of hidden Berber cavalry is revealed.

A horde of Berber assault troops swarm out of the rocky cover and close on the posts walls.

The Berber General leads the charge to try and destroy the French guns but falls short, in front of the entire French line.

The return fire from the French slay the Berber general and the survivors retreat. They salute their General as they ride past, He may not have been very smart but HE WAS A MAN!

The camel riders charge the Zouaves and are shot apart.

Both units break and flee the table.

The Survivor from the Generals unit continues to flee for cover.

More Berbers swarm from the rocky cover to reinforce the assaulting units.

Berber Cavalry rides around the hill to turn the French flank.

More Berbers appear on the French flank. The Legion unit at the bottom of the hill assumes the formidable Hedgehog formation.

The Berbers gain the top of the walls! Can the Transnestrians hold till they are relieved?

The surviving Berber cavalry ride through the French lines but are shot down before they can do any damage.
Will the Post hold out? Will the Berber Cavalry continue to charge into the French guns?
All will be revealed in the concluding episode.
This is the first part of a battle report about a The Sword and The Flame game played 15 May 2010 at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne game store in Cornelius, NC. The game was game mastered by my friend Chuckaroobob for the Catawba Military Gaming Societies' monthly game day. The Battle for the Post of Bibane is based on historical fact. The post changed hands several times between the French and the Rif in the month of May 1925. you will have to check back to see if the Post changes hands in our game.

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