Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beastman and Fleshtearer progress

I finally finished filling the gaps on my new Ungor Raiders last night and will have them primered up later today.

I have them organized into six model squads with a musician. I have two metal ungor musicians that I will use for the top two squads and two chaos thugs archers to fill out the top squad. With these ungors and my chaos thug proxy ungors I will be able to put forty eight Raiders on the table divided into eight units. My plan is to ambush four of the units and max my chances of getting them where I need them.
Here is my version of Ghorros Warhoof. It is a mordhiem centigor with a big spiky club I added. I like the idea of fielding Centigors as core troops. I am planning on taking the beasts to a local tournament on 12June10. One of the basic rules is that you have to have 1000 points of core troops out of the 2250 points army size. With centigors as core, I plan to take two units of eight centigors with Ghorros leading one. It also frees up the special slots so I can field two units of Harpies and two units of Minotaurs. I am still working on a list but need to get painting a lot of models in less than a months time.

Switching gears to 40k I made a push mold for the Fleshtearer symbol. It is my first try at a press mold and the buzz saws came out good. I used too much putty in the molds and they are a little too thick to easily glue onto a shoulder pad. I have set up another batch and I used alot less putty this time. I am going to try and salvage the first four because I will need a handful of them before I am done. I want to add the Fleshtearer buzz saw to all the new models I have stared working on. To bring my army up to date with the new codex I am adding a couple sanguinary priests, adding six assault marines to bring my two squads up to ten models and debating on a couple other units to add. The new Blood Angels codex has so many options I am still toying with lists to come up with something fun to play with an even chance of winning an occasional game.

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