Monday, July 2, 2012

Sisters of Battle Defend against the Foul Eldar

The League has moved up 750 points and I totally revamped my Sisters of Battle List to mitigate the problems I had with the league difficult terrain special rule.

 I changed up my HQ adding Uriah Jacubus and a Battle conclave with a Rhino, a Battle Sister squad in a Rhino, a Seraphim Squad with Inferno pistols and my old Exorcist conversion. My 500 point list was all on foot and when my opponent took the everything is difficult terrain advantage, I had a hard time just crossing the board. So my new plan was everybody rides or jumps. Unknown to me the league had changed the difficult terrain advantage last weekend, to not include any open area as difficult terrain and only make difficult terrain, dangerous and dangerous terrain, impassable. I found out about the change before the game but went ahead and fielded the list I had brought with me.

Here is Steve's forces a Farseer, two squads of Dire avengers, a Fire Dragon squad, a Warp Spider squad and three Warwalkers with scatter lasers.
We rolled Table quarters for the primary and 3 25mm objectives for the secondary objective and spearhead for deployment. Steve set up his forces in cover in his quarter. I chose the -1 leadership for the attacker and the +1 inch defender movement, -1 inch attacker movement advantages.
I deployed the Exorcist in a crater, Uriah and the Battle conclave in the far rhino and the Battle Sister squad in the closer rhino. I held the Seraphim in reserve to deep strike in later.
Steve's Eldar move up and the War walkers Scatter lasers destroy the stormbolter and Immobilize the Rhino.
My turn the Battle Sisters move up dismount the Rhino and shoot down five of the Dire Avengers. The Rhino shoots at the Fire Dragons and kills two, they fail their leadership roll and fall back.
Steves's turn the Fire Dragons regroup and destroy the Rhino, The War Walkers shoot down Uriah and the Surviving Battle conclave. The Farseer dooms the Battle Sister squad and the resulting fire kills all of them but the Sister Superior. She never liked the rest of her squad anyway so stay to make the Eldar pay.
My Turn The Exorcist made a good roll and manages to drop all but one of the Warpspiders. While the Sister Superior charges into the Farseer and Dire Avengers, too be cut down before she can swing.
The Last Warp spider jumps behind the Exorcist and manages to Shake it.
My turn The Exorcist Tank shocks the Warp Spider who fails it morale test and falls back till it leaves the board.
The Seraphim finally arrive and deep strike danger close to the warwalker squadron, I rool an on target and light them up with Inferno pistols.
I roll good and all three War Walkers are destroyed. It worked out weel my 180 point Seraphim squad destroyed his 180 point War Walker squadron.
Steve's turn he ran his troops toward the objective beside the Exocrist, and then my turn the Exorcist downed four more Dire Avengers.
Steve's turn he runs the farseer into the difficult terrain but fails to roll hig enough to asssault the Exorcist.
Endgame, My exorcist hasan objective and  a quarter to its self. while Steve's Dire avengers hold their objective.

The Seraphim are on the third objective and in the same quarter as Steve's Direavengers and Fire Dragons, contesting his quarter. I think I have a Minor Victory by holding the only uncontested quarter but according to another unwritten league rule, that I only found out about when it came down to me winning a game, only a troop choice can claim a quarter. The League rules says the only unit in a quarter claims it not a troops choice and since table quarters are not in the 5th edition rule book It came down to a ruling by one of the shop managers so the minor victory becomes a minor loss. The one good thing is that 6th edition is here and the League rules will have to be revamped any way.

I was really pleased with the Seraphim's first outing but I still need to play them more to get a better feel at how they will run. Uriah and The Battle Conclave walked into the Eldar guns but I will give them another chance. If I can manage to get them into assault range of the enemy I am sure they will have a better show. The Exorcist kept me in the game. I can see why other Sister players I have read online swear by them three of them for competitive play. I guess I need to build the second Exorcist I have and pick up a third one. I am still waiting to get my hands on the 6th Edition rulebook and the Sisters FAQ before I really start working on my 1000 point list.

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