Monday, July 30, 2012

World Eater Apocalypse Army

I have been working on my  World eaters Apocalypse force for the upcoming First War for Armageddon apocalypse game planned by the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group in September. I am still up in the air about going to the game because of work scheduling shenanigans  but I am going to get the army ready so I will be ready in case I can get someone to cover for me. Right now the list I am planning to take is sitting at 10238 points. Of which 3489 points of the total is a full strength Traitor Shadow sword Domination force I will post up when I get some picture of it.

 Here is most of  the World Eaters part of the apocalypse army. First off none of the Khorne Daemons are included in the army points. They are going to the game for other people to play. Missing from the table but included in the list is a chaos land raider and nine chaos spawns. The Center of the force is a Maelstrom of gore Formation Lead by Kharn the Betrayer. The formation consists of eight rhino mounted squads of eight Khorne Berserkers.  All eight squads are lead by a skull champion with four having power axes and four having power fists. Every squad also has an Icon and two plasma pistols.

 Here is the work in progress Kharn. He was rather poorly painted so I stripped his paint and have restarted.  The khorne banner is a real blast from the past. Around 91ish my army buddy S.R. Becker drew the khorne symbol on an MRE package and later burned the edges to make a flag for the homemade banner pole. He gave it to me when he left the army and went back to Califas. it has been in my chaos box for twenty one years An I plan to rebase it to go with my World Eaters in the First War for Armageddon.

 My squad of Khorne Berserker Terminators. I converted them up back in 3rd edition 40k when Chaos Terminators could be upgraded to cult troops. The conversion is mostly Khorne berserker heads added to the terminators and a world eater symbol painted on their shoulder pad.

 The Daemon section and the Forge world World Eater Chaos Dreadnought. the Dreadnought is still a work in progress but I am looking forward to seeing it on the table. The Daemons are for other people to use in the game. I have a few more flesh hounds and about sixteen or so more bloodletters that need to be assembled and painted. If I get then finished it will give me eleven flesh hounds and fifty bloodletters to loan out or just add to my force., I have a sixth daemon prince not in the picture that I remembered as I was putting things back up.

 Another blast from the past a rogue trader era Blood thirster. I put him on a 50x50mm base and planned to field him as "the Little Blood Thirster that could" but will probably only field him as a Khorne Daemon prince.

 The two twenty man Berserker Squads or "Forty skulls for Khorne". I thought about adding them to the Maelstorm of Gore but the deployment requirement of  within 12 inches of Kharn would be problematic at best. So they will escort the World Eater Lords of Armageddon across the table on game day. The majority of these were part of the last batch of Khorne models I picked up a while back.

 Last is the Line breaker squadron minus the dedicated Death Guard vindicator. I always like fielding a Line Breaker in apocalypse game their ability to destroy terrain pieces can really open up the table. In front of the Line Breakers are the World Eater Lords of  Armageddon. Four Khorne Chaos Lords on Juggernauts and three Khorne chaos lords on foot. So far I have converted two of the Juggernaut Lords to have unique Daemon weapons and my original plan for the other two was one with  paired lightning claws and the other with a power fist but I might just leave them as they are and call their axes daemon weapons. Two of the Khorne lords on foot are left over skull champions, while the last model is my Bloodletter headed World Eater standard bearer from the conversion contest at the Silas Creek Crossing Games Workshop store opening, I plan to filed all three armed with daemon weapons. they will probably join a squad each in the Maelstrom of Gore Formation.

I still have a bunch of to do but 95% of it is already assembled and base coated so I think I will be able to get them to three colors by game day. It is a lot of work for a game I might not even make it to but I am looking forward to the fun anyway.



sonsoftaurus said...

That's a lot of blood for the blood god!

Hope the scheduling works out and you can make the game!

Impcommander said...

AH so many berzerkers.

Hope you get to make it

ColKillgore said...

Me too but I will still get them painted either way.