Sunday, August 12, 2012

American Armor Museum in LA

Hi Kids,  Just got back from LA and found a new tank museum east of downtown!  Heard about it on TMP, of course!  Had to go check it out, and the company store for In & Out Burger is only a few miles away too! It's a win-win!  How many exclaimation points is that anyway!!!!

The first bad boy is possibly the most rare as well, except it ain't what it looks like!  This Japanese tank is actually a M5 High Speed Tractor with the superstructure added, I think it has a Chevy 327 V8.  It appeared in "Windtalkers" and possibly other movies as well.

 What is this thing anyway? Can't remember.
 French 25mm ATG sans tires.
German "Doorknocker" ATG, before they realized other armies had tanks, too.

 A Carrier, painted up like an Aussie.
 A Korean M48, complete with Tiger jaws and eyes.
M2-ish I think, this was used in an episode of Briscoe County Jr.

 This M5 Stuart also has a film history, Windtalkers for one.
 M7 Priest. One of 2 they had.
M8 Greyhound Armored Car.

 Here's a honkin' huge arty, a M12 but with a 8 inch gun!  Yowza!
 M48/60.  Cold Warrior!
Another M48/60, sorry, but from these angles I can't see the hull front very well.

 Big Honkin' Arty.  Thinking Korean or early 60's.
 Ontos sans 6 106mm Recoiless Rifles.  Got any extras?
 T72 mock up for assorted films.  On a Chevy Van chassis.  No engine.  Bummer, I know.
The World's Second Most Interesting Man.

Well, there were a bunch more stuff out there, but the camera mem was full.  Don't blame me, it was borrowed! I think the phone cam pix turned out pretty good.  Lots of guns, trucks, bombs, torpedoes, LARC's, even a Huey copter.  If you're between Highways 60 and I-10 in South El Monte, check 'em out!  Chino airport is about 30 minutes away (I'm guessing) so you can get your aviation freak on too, with Planes of Fame and Yanks Air Museum.  Bore the wife and kids unconscience!

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Impcommander said...

nice ! I've only ever been to the tank museum in Danville, and i really enjoyed that.