Friday, August 24, 2012

Historicon 2012 After Action Report Part 2

Hi Kids,  Here we are with the second installment of pictures from the World's Largest Wargame Convention! (At least if you measure by participation games.) WoooHooooo!  The first few shots are of a 25mm Pancho Villa Pulp Game, this is what Mexico might have looked like in the 1920's.  All sorts of factions were duking it out in downtown Santa Grunge, including the Texas Rangers!  No, not the baseball team!

 My brave Federales (We don't need no stinkin' badges) advance along main street.  Or as they say south of the border "Street-o la main-o."
 My troops with a Mk IV tank-o in support advancing towards our objective (the jail, naturally) while some mounted bad guys try to block our route.
Peleliu (hope I spelt that correctly) in something like 15mm.  Nice looking terrain!

 My lads are charged by the banditos!  While I lost the H-t-H struggle-o I only suffered one dead, then the survivors gave the banditos some .45 hate mail!
 Take that ya chicken stealing gutter trash! 
Another shot of the south pacific island of Peleiu.  Hit the beach!

 Here's that Big Battle of Borodino in 25mm underway.  Just goes to show what a couple dozen dedicated gamers can do!
Some post-apocalypse (no, not the 40K variety) in a rough neighborhood, in 25mm.  Where's Mad Max when you need him? Just like hookers, there's never one around when you need em.  "The Bronze, they steal your pride."  And everything else not welded to the floor.

 Here we have a 25mm Darkest Africa game, looks like the colonial powers are advancing without mercy!  I wonder if the world famous BoBo Young is in there somewhere? Yeah, he's a real dude, just ask Chris Peers.  He's got the mojo going!
 A 25mm (and 1/48 when required) Stalingrad-ish set up!  This board was used for all sorts of stuff during the con.
Ah yes, the French Foreign Legion's most sacred battle; Camarone, Mexico!  When 60 Legionaires managed to hold off something like 2000 Mexicans for most of a day.  This was the battle where the last 5 unwounded Legionaires, out of ammo and water, charged with the bayonet! "We will charge with the bayonet. You will follow me."  Capt. Danjune's wooden hand is still held as a sacred relic. "Mon ami, it is the same.  No surrender."

 A 25mm (the one true scale) game of Force On Force.  Looks like somewhere in the Mid-east.  Gee, they never have trouble there.  Might as well be playing fantasy!  Watch out for the finger of doom!  That always means bad events!  And doesn't that little green plant on the hill look like a grenade exploding?  Cool, huh?
 A 25mm game from the Mummy movies!  That looks like an awesome ship & port.  We need to be doing more pulp around here.
15mm (not the one true scale) game of Vietnam.  Looks like a pretty bad ambush, lots of burning vehicles.

 Here's a game of Volley and Carronade!  Looks like buckets of 15mm stuff!
Just in case you thought the ground pounders were getting all the attention, here's a WW2 air game.  Looks like Ju88's and Me110's!
Frank Chadwick is at it again!  This is his Mars Needs Steam game, with spectacular terrain.  Does all this Mars stuff remind anyone else of the song "Mars Needs Guitars" by the Hoodoo Guru's?

"I'm a stone age Romeo,
got a space age Juliette,
we make primitive love,
 cause we ain't got a TV set!"

Sounds better with music, of course!

 The Sky Ships of Mars, on Frank Chadwick's terrain.  Man do they look cool!  I gotta dig out my martian figs and start painting!  Once again, proving that 25mm in the only scale that matters.
  Awesome terrain!  I wonder how tough it is to transport around?

"We'll take guitars to Mars,
and hit the discotechs!"

 Holy Shnikies Batman!  When these guys go urban, they go the distance!  What's that world famous line?  "Never get off the boat.  Not unless you're going all the way!"   These guys must have set a record.  I mean DAMN.
  Here's the terrain for a pulp game, "White Pearl Black Heart". Me and Steve were in this one but refused to shoot at each other, being pals. Not sure the gamemasters dug it, though.
25mm Ruritania, same setup as Cold Wars!  Steam is taking over wargaming, and I can dig it!

 Here's that mapboard from Wargames Illustrated, Sevatovpol-ish from the Crimean-ish War!  The Brits line up for the advance!  25mm.
 Here's the view going up the hill at the Russian entrenchments.
 Now here's a hardcore gamer!  It's the 20+ year old $2.99 Microgame "Olympica" from Metagaming set to miniatures!  Ya gotta love it!  My high school yearbook quote was, "The Webbies want your mind" so you can put me firmly in the "true believer" camp!
Action in the main crater on Mars!  No steam this time, just the UN causing trouble.  Some things never change.  I just wish they'd pay their parking tickets!  Can't we send those bums to Switzerland or someplace?  Does anywhere want them?  Just say the word....

Well kids, that's it for this installment.  I still have about 20 pix to go, so expect one more chapter!

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