Monday, August 13, 2012

Necromunda Escher Gangers allies

 While looking for something else I found by box of Necromunda Gangers. I was building a Hive gang militia army using the 3rd edition 40k Codex: Armageddon and started collecting up a bunch of the Necromunda figures. I managed to gather a bunch of the figures but the Imperial guard codex was redone. Such is the way of Games workshop's cool armies. I wanted to field a couple Escher ganger Militia squads and wondered if I had enough to field a current Imperial Guard Infantry platoon. I though it would be cool to field an all female Imperial guard ally force to go with my Sisters of Battle army. 


I sorted through them and pulled enough with the appropriate weapons for a platoon command squad and two infantry squad. I decided to use the heavy plasma gunners as regular plasma rifles, two gang leaders with power weapons as sergeants, one leader with a boltgun for the lieutenant and a handful of lasgun and autogun armed Eschers as the troopers.  I started thinking about converting a couple of the extras to give them some heavy weapon options when I remembered my Last Chancer models. I found their box and pulled out Warrior Woman and Rocket girl to add a female missile launcher team to the platoon.

So the platoon is
Platoon Command squad
Officer with bolter
2 plasma guns
1 Missile launcher team

Two infantry squads identically equipped with
Sergeant with power weapon
1 Plasma Gun

Here is the rest of the Escher gangers in a Box O' Eschers. Other than a few odds and ends, the majority are equipped with las pistol/ Auto pistols and hand weapons. If the rumors about chaos cultists in the new Chaos Space Marine codex pans out they might just see the table again.



Powerposey said...

I love the old Necromunda figs. Looking forward to seeing the progress on those Esher.

Hugh Wilson said...

Ha! I was looking for ideas of how to convert escher/necromunda models to produce an all female guard ally contingent for my sisters of battle.....seems like you got there first! Pretty impressed by the number of plasma gun wielding heavies you have, those things are like gold dust....

ColKillgore said...

The funny part is that I have about an equal number or more of them that are only armed with close combat weapons and pistols. I originally had a Escher gang for Necromunda. During the hallowed days of 3rd edition 40k they released the Armageddon codex that had the hive gamg militia unit in it. The squad had a gang leader and five models as a basic unit. In that six models it could have a a leader with extra kit from the armory, a heavy weapon and a special weapon. that is when I bought and traded for every heavy plasma gun Escher I could find. The funny part is nobody really wanted them them and I got them cheaply. Now you are right they are like powdered gold. I have thought about evil-baying the lot for cash but then I think about how much it would cost me to replace them when I want to use them in a different army again.