Monday, August 20, 2012

Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies Warband

I have been following Andy Hoare's Blog here and his home grown set of Sword and Sorcery rules called Get the Girl and Kill the Baddies. The rules are free to download here. Many people have started building warbands and posting them up. I sorted the the figure back log and pulled out a few to use in my own warband.

 I pulled some figures I thought would look good in a Frank Franzetta painting and not really an optimized group for the game. Starting in the front is a Celtos Gael Danu Priestess. She has a knife and about half of a chain  mail bikini. to her left is a Celtos Cliodan Axe Woman. She has a slightly larger chain mail bikini and a big axe, who doesn' like a barbarian chick with a big axe. In the back is the Barbarian from games workshop's Talisman game. He is slightly converted by having the sword handle extended. The original handle was a regular size to the very long sword and looked odd to me. Now the sword looks like it is ready to give a a good two handed chop to the sorcerer summoned unnameable creature from beyond. the last figure is a wizards of the coast female Human barbarian figure from their D&D line of figures. She also has a two handed sword and light armor.
I am still thinking about whether the Priestess will be a magic user or just a scantily clad thief type. A sorceress is about a quarter of the starting points for a group so it will not be much larger than this.

Another model I though to add was an archer and that reminded me of this one, The Kislev Ranger hireling from Mordheim. Anther model I picked up but was unable to use before the Mordheim league broke up. She might be seeing the table after all. 

Last, A model I think I might pick up to use, Amiri from Reaper's Pathfinder line. I really dig the figure and Get the Girl and Kill the baddies will give me a reason to pick her up.



abdul666 said...

A great selection of seductive minis!

Andy said...

Excellent stuff! I should start a gallery of peoples' warbands on my site. Let me know if you're ok with me doing so :-)

Chris said...

Good looking group you've got so far, I'm waiting to see how you'll be painting them.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks for taking a look,

@ Andy, I am fine with you adding my band to the gallery but I want to try and put a bit more paint on them.

@ Chris, I believe I will be using a bunch of flesh colors, ;)


Andy said...

No worries, let me know if and when!

ColKillgore said...

Will Do. I have rebased a few of the figures and will get them primed when we get a less humid day.