Sunday, August 26, 2012

Historicon 2012 After Action Report Part 3

Hi Kids,  Here we are with the third and final installment of pictures from H-con.    Wooohooooo!

 25mm WW1 action.  It's not all trenches all the time!
 But sometimes it is....    How do you rotate a picture anyway?  Oh well......
 "Check Your Six" game with 1/285 or 1/300 aircraft.  Zeros by the bucket!  Where's Butch O'Hare when you need him?
Not sure if this is a steam powered minelayer or a pre-production A10.  De Vinci would be proud!  And we know this man is a genius since he is using the "plastic champaigne glass" as a flying base, just like I do!!!!!

 Part of the action in "White Pearl, Black Heart" as the 25mm good guys climb up the central mountain.  To shoot at the Huns, of course.  That means Germans.
 40mm Nappie Carnage and Glory, revved up by the NC Raleigh lads!
Still in the backwoods, this time with 25mm Amenican Rev!  Still using Carnage & Glory, too.  Or maybe that's supposed to be the caption for the next picture.  Maybe I'm drunk.....

 If there's one thing I'm sure of, this is the setup for 1/285 Battletech!  Just try a "Death from above" off that peak!  I double dog dare ya!
 For those guys who dig the really big figs, it's 1/48 WW2!

 The hand of doom, just like the Valkyries of legend, choose the fallen as a Meteor makes a ground attack run in a 10mm Arab-Israeli game.
 Action in the Sudan with 25mm colonial figs in the desert.  Buckets o cav!
25mm gunboats steam to attack a native boat in the White Nile (mostly mud at this point) in the colonial game.  D20's, playing cards, could this be The Sword and The Flame?

 Storming the fortress in the Sudan!
 Of course there's always some 40K action going on somewhere!  This game is taking place on the massive urban board from the prior photos.
 Skyships of Mars duke it out above the red planet.  Mostly heavily converted ship and sub models, and man they look cool!
The Gamelons are just over the horizon on the red planet!

 A close up of one of my favs!
 Looking for mayhem in the corporate world?  Why not a nice relaxing game of Corporate Zombie?  Here's the setup, with poison gas flowing through the cube farm....
And here we have the participants.  All you corporate warriors should recognise these folks.  You'll note the zombies outnumber the healthy by a large margin, just like real life.

 40mm Zulus!  The veld of Zululand awash with blood!  The hrons of the bull close in on the plucky Brits.  God Save The Queen!
 Gotta love the WW2 naval games!
25mm Stalingrad, the Germans cranking up!

 The Zulus close in...  The line stands firm...  Maybe if they belt out a few lines of "Men of Herlech" it'll help...
 The natives are restless, and possibly revolting, in this 25mm clash on the American frontier.  Yep, everything bursts into flames as soon as the natives get near.
15mm WW2 Armor by the pound!  And look at all the room they have to manuever!

 Another hardcore gamer living the dream with 32mm Spartans in the Big Honkin' Game of "Wargods of Eygptus!!"  Dressed to match his forces, he crushed his enemies, saw them flee before him, and heard the lamentation of their women!" all to the accompaniment of bellows of "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"
 The big set up for the Wargods game, a staple of Saturday night.
 The Spartans advanced so fast it was impossible to keep them in focus...
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Hmmmm.  My notes say "40mm Indian War" and it could be true, but it looks like Brits vs. Continental USA.  There might be some indians lurking somewhere, or maybe it took place in Indiana (!); but you never know what those gaming lads will come up with.  I'm betting it's another Carnage & Glory game of the AWI.  Or maybe Clive near Calcutta.....

Well kids, that's all the photos I took of Historicon this year.  Hope you dug 'em!  And I strongly urge everyone (once again) to get to one of the big east coast cons!  They are all buckets of fun, you can spend your hard-earned loot in the dealer hall or the flea market (I usually choose both!) and hang out with a bunch of like-minded individuals who are much cooler than the average wanker on the street!  So quit argueing about true line of sight in 40K and come pick up all the latest toys at the Big Show!  Be inspired by other maniacs to get the lead out of the basement and into combat!!!!!

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