Monday, July 9, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard Reinforcements

In preparation for the 500 point Scenario Challenge at Silas Creek Crossing Games Workshop store I have been working up a few 40k lists. I narrowed it down between my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard and my Iron Warriors. The main reason for those two are that they are the better painted armies I have ready to field.

I made a list for the AMIG which consists of a Primaris Psyker, two Veteran squads, two scout sentinels with autocannons and two Ratling Sniper squads. Due to the changes to power weapons in 6th edition I decided that I wanted my Veteran Sergeants to have power axes in case someone showed up with a Deathwing all terminator army or something else with a bunch of 2+ saves. I have a couple AMIG sgts with bionics I could use as proxy power axes but I went ahead and built two with axes and bolt pistols so everything will be WYSIWYG.

The Conversion is pretty straight up, Catachan legs, torsos and arms, chaos space marine heads, a bolt pistol, a techmarine power axe and a bit of green stuff to tie everything together. The two axes are just about the last of my techmarine axes that I ordered years ago from the now defunct Games workshop Bits service.
90% of the AMIG are ready for the table, I just have to prime these two and finish about three others that are already base coated and just need to be washed and a few details and highlights added.



sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good!

What are the details on the 500pt scenario thingie?

Chris said...

What is this event you speak of? I have heard not a sound of it from the warp. My pysonic auguries must be failing me.

ColKillgore said...

On 21July12 the Silas Creek Crossing Games workshop is opening and having several contests, A space marine painting contest a conversion contest and a scenario contest. The scenario is bring 500 points of 40k or Warhammer fantasy or 250 points of LOTR and play in three scenarios. All three are combined and the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the end of the day get a prize.

I am probably going to take 40k to play but still have till the 21st to decide. They have a face book page at Games workshop Silas Creek Crossing, go check it out for more info. If you post on their page let them know I pointed you there, I have been trying to drum up some more people for the grand opening.