Friday, July 6, 2012

Terminator probing Attack

The Terminators attack the GROM positions in the Center of ruined Krakow. 

 A Grom Sniper in his perch a top the surviving ruined tower of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary.
Another Grom fire team forward observation post.
The Terminators and a hunter killer tank form up on the other side of the Great Plaza behind the ruined Cloth Hall.
Former TV reporter turned gunner mans the heavy machine gun.
The GROM Headquarters with a surviving Hind D helocopter flying over.
The Terminators start their advance across the Great Plaza.
The Grom snipers open up and damage one Terminator but don't knock it down.
The Grom Fire team opens up on the Terminators and
the first Terminator is down from their fire.
The Terminators continue toward the GROM forward outpost killing three of the four fire team members.
A grom heavy recoiless rifle shoots at the Hunter Killer Tank.
A Grom fire team mounted in a truck moves up to reinforce the forward out post.
The last flanking Terminator goes down in a hail of machine gun fire.

The Hind-D arrives over the battle field and fires all it Spiral anti-tank rocket into the Hunter Killer tank.
Direct hit, the HK tank is destroyed.

A Grom Fire team flanks the Terminators near the burning HK tank.
Concentrated machinegun fire starts to take a toll on the Terminator right flank.
Dismounted, the GROM fire team pours fire into the Termiantors at the destroyed HK tank.
Every shot hits.
As the Terminators bunker down the GROM fireteams move up to get in a better position.
The Surviving Grom Machine Gunner drops the last Terminator at the HK tank.

The Survivnig Terminators keep up their fire as the GROM operators whittle them down.
The GROM defend their positions but the Terminator know where they are now.

This was a playtest game using the Disposable Heroes rule set and some homegrown rules for the Terminators. Chuckaroobob provided all the Terminators, the heavy weapons, the Hind D and the Technicals, while I provided the GROM forces. We played the game at Gaming Underground in High Point NC on their terrain and Chuckaroobob's center urban ruin terrain piece.

Chuckaroo has been wanting to play using the Terminators he build a long while ago and we finally did.



Chris said...

Take that Sky-Net!

Chuckaroobob said...

What a rip! I still think we have to juice up the Arnolds to make it a Good Game!

ColKillgore said...

Yep, the terminators still need a few tweeks to even out the game.


Greyson De Saye said...

Hi Nice game my friend well done . I to am working on a Terminator game. Great work ! Take care Grey in Va USA