Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sisters of Battle and Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Chaos

I played my second game of 6th ed 40k at Gaming Underground.The 40k League is in a one month hiatus while every one gets used to the 6th edition rules. I took a 1000 point Sister of battle army with Imperial guard allies. With the 6th edition changes I went for a new plan. My List for the game was
Saint Celestine
A Battle Sister squad with two melta guns
A Battle Sister squad with two flamers
A seraphim squad with two Infernus pistol armed sisters
An Exorcist tank
A Primaris Psyker
An infantry platoon
 Command squad
     Commander with a bolter, two flamers and two meltaguns
      2 Infantry squads with a sgt with power axe and bolt pistol and a squad plasma gun
I was playing against Will L and his Chaos Space marines which consisted of
A Nurgle winged Daemon Prince
A Plague Marine squad
A Thousand sons squad with a sorcerer and a rhino
two obliterators
A vindicator tank
and a Bastion with a quad-cannon

We rolled for mission and received Crusade with a max five objectives, then Hammer and Anvil Deployment, so we would deploy from the short sides. I rolled for warlord traits and received the one that make the warlord a scoring model. I also rolled for the Primaris to have two random powers.I rolled both from the Biomancy getting Enfeeble and Life Leech.

We rolled for table edges and then divided up the table and rolled for terrain. As we started placing terrain I could tell how you could use terrain to give yourself an advantage.

Will dropped his Bastion first and then we started placing terrain.

Will Deployed first, The Obliterators in the top of the eldar tower, the thousand sons in their rhino on one side of the bastion, the Plague Marine squad crewing the quad cannon, the Daemon Prince behind the Rhino and the Vindicator.
My deployment I set the Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard Platoon and the Primaris on an objective on one side of the table,
Then on the other side I placed the two Battle Sister squads and the Exorcist with an angle on the Bastion and the Quad Gun. I held Celestine and the Seraphim squad in reserve to try and go for a decisive drop later in the game. With five objective they were scattered around the table really well and would make an interesting game later. Will rolled for first turn and I failed to seize the Initiative, Will Moved up and lit up the sisters. killing several from the meltagun squad and taking a hull point from the Exorcist.
In my turn I moved up the battered Melta gun Sister squad out of cover to make a run for the Vindicator.
The Exorcist moved to get a better shot and only managed to put one wound on the quad gun. I really wanted to try and destroy the Quad gun before The Saint dropped in and was shot up.
The Adeptus Mechanicus platoon moved up into the ruins to try and get a shot at the Nurgle Daemon Prince.
Will moved up the Thousand Sons and deployed them from their rhino. they Then lit up the survivors of the Sisters of battle meltagun squad.
He managed seven wounds and I failed all seven cover saves. This gave Will the First Blood victory point.
I dropped Saint Celestine and the Seraphim squad danger close and didn't deviate. I lost one model to the quad gun but their Infernus pistols put three wounds on the Daemon Prince.
On Wills Turn he moved the Plague Marines out of the bastion, turned the Daemon Prince and the Thousand sons leaving Saint Celestine and the Seraphim in a crossfire.
The daemon Prince used spontaneous combustion on one sister that exploded but didn't kill one of the others.
The Plague Marines and Thousand sons lit up the squad and I put all the wounds on to the Saint I passed all but three save taking two wounds on the Saint and passing one on to a Seraphim that killed her.
The Daemon Prince charged in and after a bit of confusion about challenges He killed the Saint with his Hammer of Wrath attack. The Surviving Seraphim failed their leadership and the Daemon prince ran them down.

The Daemon prince moved on, while the plague marines moved up to get closer to the objective, then the Saint stood back up with full wounds returned. This also took back the Kill the Warlord victory point from Will. I moved the Adeptus Mechanicus into the building and tried shooting down the Daemon Prince but ended up finishing it off with the Exorcist giving me the Kill the Warlord victory point

The Primaris finally came into action and managed to enfeeble the Plague Marines, giving the Saint a chance to knock a couple Plague marines down.
The Adeptus Mechanicus races to Saint Celestine's rescue. The Saint fights the Plague marine for several turns. the Sorcerer from the Thousand sons squad makes the plague marines invisible  but then takes a Perils of the warp hit and dies.

The Saint takes another wound but keeps in the fight while the Adeptus Mechanicus Guard take the objective behind the combat.

End game. Because of the late game Night fight and some bad scatters the Sister squad in front of the Vindicator managed to survive the game on their objective. I had whittled the thousand sons down to three models but was unable to shoot the last Obliterator because it was more than 36 inches away from the Exorcist. I ended up with three objectives to will one and won the game. It was a good game especially for it only being my second game using the 6th edition rules.

I am still undecided about my 1000 point league list when we star back up but I will definitely have some guard allies.

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