Friday, January 30, 2009

Lizardman Askaris

I just got word from Wargames Factory and they have added my idea for a sprue of Lizardman Askaris to their Liberty and Union League. If you don't know the Liberty And Union league is were people can suggest up ideas for figures and when they get a 1000 sprue commitment they start the digital sculpting process.

Check out the link to wargames factory on the left.


Defiance Games said...

Hi -- it actually just needs to hit 50% and we'll start the sculpting process!


Tony Reidy
Wargames Factory

ColKillgore said...

Ooopps. I got a little ahead of my self when i got your reply about the askari's being added to the list. I have started trying to sculpt my own basing them on Gw skink torsos but I have yet to get one the way I like it.