Thursday, December 18, 2008

Painting Update

We had some good priming weather so I broke out the spray and my back log of model to be primed. After a frenzy of priming, I finished 19 chaos terminators, 30 sets of chaos terminator arms, 3 praetorian sentinels, a nurgle lord conversion, 2 plaguemarine special weapons, 3 plaguemarine icon bearers, 2 chaos space marine standard bearers, 4 rogue trader halfling sniper, 1 roguetrader stuntie, 2 chaos objective markers I made, and an armorcast baneblade hull. I had more terminator to prime but I ran out of paint and when I found another can it had started raining.
I also finished the trade and picked up the armorcast eldar tempest from Jerry last Saturday. While I was at Underground games, I also picked up the Legends of The Old West supplement Frontier, Blood on the Plains, a couple of 15mm 21/2 ton trucks for my Soviet Flames of war army and some more plaguemarines from tuna. I only need about a dozen more trucks for my transportation company.
Last night I started working on repairing a bunch of the plague marines I traded for from Scott Tolbert. Whomever had assembled them had used superglue to fill gaps and had left some bad cuts were they had cut off pieces for the conversions. I redid some of the conversions, using greenstuff to fix resculpt several of the models torsos, re attach arms and do several weapon swaps. I need to start remembering to do Before and After pictures to post up, maybe next time.

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