Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cryptkickers Attack!

I have decided to call my League Chaos Marines the Cryptkickers. Yes, I was inspired by monster mash over Halloween but i dig it. I ws unable to play a game verses JR so Scott T stood in for him with his eldar. I fieled Typhus, three plaguemarine squads in rhinos, 2 summoned daemon squads, and 3 vindicators. It was a fun game and I had Typhus setting on his objective on the top of turn 5. Unfortunately he gunned Typhus down on the bottom of turn 5 and the game ended as a draw. So I ended up withdrawing from the territory.
My orders for the current turn are to ttack Palace Grounds West again. I will make them pay eventually. Todd attacked me in the Sniper Alley North and we played the battle today. I fielded the same army against his space marines. I ended up taking his objective and wining the game. I think the breaking point was when I deep struck Typhus next to one of Todd's tactical squads. I fired off winds of chaos and hit every model in the squad and only killed 4. In his turn they fired a multimelta and meltagun at typhus and missed. In my turn Typhus turned, used winds of chaos on a chaplain led terminator squad killing 2. Then typhus charged them killing another terminator and using his force weapon to kill the chaplain. In return the last terminator powerfisted and killed typhus. Knocking out the terminator squad cleared a route for the plague marine squad that ended up taking the objective. Funny how things worked out. It was an ugly game with alot of casualties on both sides.

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