Monday, July 8, 2013

Chaos Terminator Combi Plasma Conversion part two

After a couple hit or miss Chaos Combi Plasm conversions I found Galaxy in Flames Chaos Combi Plasma tutorial.

My first Combi Plasma using Galaxy in Flames tutorial. It came out much better than the first two I did.

The Combi plasma mounted on the metal Chaos Terminator. It is a little bulkier than the metal bits but will be fine once it is painted.

My last two plastic combi bolters, including one removed from another model whom had his replaced with a metal combi bolter. The one from another model didn't have a bayonet so I added one and then reattached the top skull to both.

The last two combi plasma conversions mounted to metal chaos terminators. I want to make a few more combi plasmas but I exhausted my supply of the plastic chaos terminator combi bolter arms. I am going to ask around to try and round up a few more plastic combi bolter bits but I might just convert a few more up from the left over combi bolter bits from the chaos vehicle sprue.


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