Monday, July 1, 2013

World of Tanks Amazing Game

Hi Kids, Just played another amazing game of "World Of Tanks" the free internet game.  It's basically a first person shooter except you are driving a tank instead of running around with a rifle.  Every once in a great while I actually manage to live through a game, and at least once a year I end up on the winning side.  This is mostly because I am lousy at this game, and the matchmaker subroutine hates my guts deep into its soul, but I still have a lot of fun playing.  It's a good thing people can't exclude specific players or I'd never be on a team at all.

 I was driving my KV-5, which is a "Premium" tank.  That means it cost actual real world cash to buy. Premium tanks generate more computer cash so you can afford to buy and operate bigger and better tanks, which just use computer money.  Although the KV-5 didn't show up in WW2 it can still be a lot of fun.

Here's the detail report showing how many rounds, hits, damage, etc. A Type 59 was kicking my butt pretty good but a KV-5 takes a lot of killing!  I got him first!  Yes, I know the Type 59 was not a WW2 tank, but this game takes A LOT of liberties with stuff like that.  In fact, if you play long enough you can work your way up to M-48, T-54, Centurion, M103, IS-7, etc etc. This game would be perfect if they'd just reduce the insanely overpowered German tanks and add the Chieftain (sexiest tank ever!).  They just added the Leo 1 a couple updates ago. BE ADVISED!  If you are a rivet counter treadhead this game will not make you happy.
Here's everyone on the two teams, yeah, that's me on the top left.  An exercise in destruction!  Needless to say, most of my games are nowhere near this impressive.


Bill said...

Nice score! I have been playing since the beta and its one of the great time sinks on the web. :)
My game name is Wilkes, and I can often be seen running around in my StuG III shooting gold rounds at much bigger tanks. :)

ColKillgore said...

Good going Chuckaroo.