Friday, June 28, 2013

Oop Eldar and "the plan"

Before the release of the new Eldar Codex I pulled my Eldar models out of the Closet Of Doom and thought about getting in a couple games before my codex was out of date. I worked on some models but didn't get any games in before the new Eldar Codex was here. I prowled the rumour pages and after the codex dropped took a few looks through it and came up with "the plan".

I would detail "the plan" but as parts of it are still a bit hazy to me, I will show you a few things I am working on.

The old school metal Eldrad. From what I hear he is no longer the auto include he was under the last codex but I think he still has a place.

Another oldie but a goldie, the oop Necromunda Farseer. He was supposed to have a couple fire Dragon bodyguards but in the golden days of mail order bits I picked up just the Farseer, as I already had several Fire Dragons. I was thinking about using him as a Spiritseer under the new Eldar Codex. Of all the new Eldar models I am most tempted by are the new Wraithblades. I have a bunch of the oop metal Wraithguard from my incomplete Iyanden craft world army but I am really considering adding a squad or two of the new Wraithblades to the force and would need a Spiritseer to get the most out of them.

A squad of the Oop Dark Reaper models. I have a couple of the old Dark Reaper Exarchs with a Web of skulls somewhere, I just have to find which box it is in. A full sized squad with the snazzy new missiles will be a bit pricey and they will draw a bunch of fire but it will be fun to see them on the table.

A oop War Walker squad, I picked these up a while back for less than a single war walker now costs. The only missing part was one of the antenna units so I made one from some surplus Eldar bits and will call it the squad command vehicle. I traded to get enough of the old style scatter lasers to equip all three with two. After some more thought I am leaning toward a scatter laser and possibly a bright lance for the squad. With the new scatter laser rule it will make the bright lance even more effective.

A part of "the plan" included three ten model squads of Swooping Hawks lead by the Phoenix Lord Baharroth. After a bit of wheeling and dealing I have acquired enough Swooping Hawks to put the three squads on the table. That was in the early stages of "the plan". I will still field some Swooping hawks but with the improvements to the Warp Spiders I might have to factor a squad or two of them into the fast attack section of "the plan".



sonsoftaurus said...

Look forward to seeing these guys! I would love to have added more hawks to my own, but found it hard to squeeze them in with all the troops I wanted.

ColKillgore said...

If I run all the Swooping hawks it will be for style or Apocalypse games. There is a Eldar Apocalypse formation for Baharroth leading a bunch of Swooping Hawks I want to use next time I field Eldar in a big game.
I think it will be a sight to see thiry Swooping hawks bouncing around the table.