Saturday, June 15, 2013

Titanium Duke Warhound Titan from Armorcast

Hi Kids, Here's one near and dear to my heart, the first ever Titan I bought; the Titanium Duke.  This thing actually came from a store!   A comic/game store in Birmingham AL (name forgotten) had so many of these on the shelves you could pick the exact weapon load out!  At the time I thought US$80 for a single fig was outrageous!  So I only bought one.  But it's like eating potato chips and breaking windows; once you start its hard to stop.  Unfortunately most of the rest of my titans have come from Bartertown or ebay, although in my travels it was not unknown to come across one in a store, like the Dragon's Nest in Boone, NC.  It took me about a year to paint this guy, not working nonstop obviously.  But painting this much surface area is completely different from 25mm infantry.  I had to buy HUGE brushes.   And that old style resin could soak up paint like a freakin' sponge!!!!

Yep, I hand painted that famous quote on the small flag, I think it took about one hour per side.  My hand was so cramped up I waited a month to do the other side with the same quote.  The other flag is the motivational poster "Diplomacy" from the Star Trek TOS.  I tried to get pictures of the flags but would have had to climb three flights of stairs and search for a different lens.  Yeah, I'm slack.  And yes, he has pierced ears, but the earrings disappeared while he was out on loan for an Apocalypse battle.  Ya pays yer nickel, ya take yer chances! 


ColKillgore said...

You can see the Titanium Duke in action during A 2009 ApocEclipse Battle at the Tech Shop in Durham.


DeanM said...

Very nice painting. The finish is superb. Best, Dean