Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flames of War Early War Soviet Purge Part 2

The battle continues, Early War Strelkovy verses Strelkovy in a purge of the traitors.

We played this game on 25 May 13 at PBKW during the Charlotte Flames of War game day. We we left my Strelkovy had just won an assault against Patrick's Strelkovy but thing were about to change.

Patrick's second Strelkovy company arrives from reserves.

My 45mm at guns dig in a with for them to get in range.

The light tanks gun down many of my Strelkovy. The Command Commissar leaves the unit to go find the second wave, the closing tanks had nothing to do with that decision.

Patrick's Strelkovy brave the guns and assault them from the side, denying a defensive fire.

Patrick wins the assault and my guns flee the field.

Patrick's fire whittles down my Strelkovy to the commissar and one rifle stand. They role morale and fail.

The Commissar kills the last rifle stand and rerolls. He succeeds and stands alone on the objective.

Then the tanks move in and the commissar is cut down, a Hero of the Revolution.

The commissar's death let me make a second wave roll, and I succeed. The second wave comes on.

With Patrick camped on the objective, I bring the wave on as close as possible but can't do enough damage to move them off the objective.

Win for Patrick.

It was a great game and I feel that this army played much better than my first early war army did. I had decided not to field any tanks because of the sabotage rule for the early war Soviet armor but Patrick's tanks really impressed me. After having to run my Strelkovy across the board three turns to just get into range, I think some mobility is needed. I have picked up some more infantry and want to get some 45mm at guns so I will not have to proxy them next time.

Thanks for looking, keep an eye out for more flames of war battle reports.


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